Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dreamer's dream

What motivates you to dream asked she
I told her it was my dream that motivated me..!!

I'm a dreamer who believes in my dreams
for it sets precedence to the futuristic me
a new world, a paradise is where I want to live-in
without racism n' politics creating furore within
where the daunting realities rife today are ablazen
and fears are nothing but evaporating illusions
where justice is instant with values strongly laden
and heroic deeds are respected without being forgotten
where love reigns hearts  n' paves way for freedom
and dreamers are motivated to dream n’ see them blossom!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

At times...

At times...
my mind gets stuck in the past, and
replays memories buried deep within
over and over again, tormenting me
making me acutely aware
that I am merely existing
and not living..!!

At times...
when I am in such freeze mode
where I sit mutely feeling numb 
I stare intently at time 
right in its eye wanting to know from it
how much is too much, and
when would enough be really enough?

At times...
when I know I can't burn the bridge behind
I feel like walking away from all the known
and going to a place never before explored
where I choose to remain a person unknown
allowing my soul to heal myself
living so long, a life of anonymity..!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


When I feel tired at the end 
of a ravenous day's embrace
I look upon the silky horizon
where the earth, sea n' sky unite
O! What a mesmerizing beauty it is
it holds me spell bound in reverie
it replenishes every living breath in me
by welcoming me in a world of its own
edging me to believe in the power of unknowns
and the realm of infinities, for in reality
there is no horizon, yet there exists a boundary 
that distinguishes the visible from the invisible
separating them all yet uniting them in splendor
creating an exotic enticing soulful world around!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mists of Change

The doctrines of life appalled her beliefs
people mentalities flabbergasted her mind
she was inundated by the absurd realities
overwhelmed, she almost conceded defeat
but it was her soul that refused to give-in
even when she was engulfed with uncertainty
and urged her to keep walking on n' on
she stopped only when she was amidst the mists
and felt the gusty winds guide her in a direction
that would change her life forever..!! 

The mists forced her to relook at her life, and
she did so diligently with an unbiased mind
as the mists paved way for evidential clarity
she saw the glowing colors of the meadows
the dainty hues n' crimson that adorned the sky
she felt enamoured with the dawn, dusk n' twilight
that unleashed their magic with all their prowess
no matter what the seasons of nature were
she saw the brook that rushed into the river
and the river that merged into the sea
demonstrating to her how one's past seamlessly
becomes the present and the present, future
when one knows on which path you're headed
the blooming spirit of life resurged within her  
with renewed vim n' vigor giving her soul
a feisty sense of freedom that refused to be caged
with the trials of life; at last she felt grounded
brave n' courageous enough to decide to live
her life on her terms n' not the other way around..!!

It took the mists of change to rekindle life in her
and give her a purpose for living n' moving on
setting the trapped woman within her free
she, now, knew exactly what she had to do,
to enrich n’ live the rest of her life with love
wisdom, intellect n' grace like never before..!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Translucent light flooded my being
acquitting me from a life of servitude 
in a world enveloped by the dark 
freedom from woes that stung
through the days n' the nights
in seemingly endless barbaric acts 
deriding my soul of its very existence!

In a sudden sweep transformation 
my world changed 360 degrees, and
I was set FREE from all bonds of slavery
to be the ME that I so much wanted to be
I, now, no longer had to worry
of emptiness, fear or insecurity, and
all that my destiny held for me!

I thought the insanity was all over
and I did not have to look back ever
till I found my eyes slowly open 
to beads of sweat streaming down my face
my hands clammy from the realization
that all that I saw was a delusional dream
a warm respite from an absurd phase of life!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Leap of Faith

She was knocked down, she was hurt,
she paused, she withdrew into a shell
it seemed a point of no return for her
she thought she was giving in, finally
but the spirit of her soul kept beckoning
her to bounce back, for surrendering
to the obstacles in her life was not her
she had seen far too many n' survived all
yet, she had reached a point of deep stillness
within her n' it is in this phase of her life
that she found her spark being re-ignited
though she was rooted at ground zero,  
she had no option but to write a new script
to return to the realm that she lived-in
as she surmised her past, present n' future
she understood she had to "Let Go" n' "Move On"
she, further realized that there was something
greater beyond in life's offing's, and
she had to experience them all before she reached 
"THE END" page of her book that held within it 
her journey of life of Ah Wells..!! n' What If's..?!
she stopped trying to bridge the gulf between 
her emotions and the circumstances of her life
and firmly decided to take the LEAP OF FAITH 
it was risky with an uncertain outcome, but
she was prepared to accept whatever be the result
this coming to terms was victory enough for her
she believed the universe would now be with her 
and conspire n' guide her on her renewed journey
exhilarating her soul in mirth n' letting her know
that she was looked upon n' would be taken care of
its with her this firm belief in the LEAP OF FAITH 
that she decided to live her life to the fullest 
from now on with sheer zest, love n' happiness!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deep in Stillness

On the outset ~
she appears stoned, numbed
with a blanked out mind
but this isn't the truth
she is deep in stillness
with an unusual calm within
that has embraced her wholly
so much that the chaos outside
can't touch her even remotely
such is the depth n' power
of her profound silence
that has got matured into stillness
she seems to have mastered the art
of controlling all her emotions
such that her true feelings
no longer feel as feelings
yet they are all existing
within the tomb of her soul
where she has laid them all in
akin to her innocent dreams
to take it along with her
when the unsullied virgin
white light will guide her
to shed her body on earth to leave
for heavenly abode, letting her take
with her only her pristine soul..!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Journey called Life

Life is a journey to be lived for
and not a destination to be reached
it begins the day you were born
and ends when you breathe your last
it is - short, mysterious n' exacting, but
we only get to make this journey once
so, its unto us to make the most of it..!!

Its a journey of thousand miles
that you begin with one step, and,
then you just keep surging ahead
never looking back, come what may
for you're never going to go that way
you'll travel across lands, rivers, deserts, 
valleys and a myriad of earth's dwellings
where your heart n' thoughts take you
you'll live amongst people, understand them
learn how few stand by you no matter what
and the plenty others conveniently disappear
your emotions n' feelings will all be raked
for you to experience each one of them
you'll have your highs juxtaposed with the lows
its a part of life where everything happens 
for a reason is what we are told, but
how long do you wait for the reasons to unfold
till you draw your own inferences no one knows
as you travel through times n' tides
you'll have choices aplenty enroute
make wise decisions, for time isn't at your will
its unto you to imbue the best n' worst
of it all that this journey offers, and
create memories black o' white n' colorful 
for that's all the imprints you'll leave behind
when this journey would've ended making you - YOU
before your body is set to pyre, and 
your ashes get sprinkled across the sacred ganges..!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life’s Musings…

In the stillness of the night
doing nothing at all, I,
envelope myself in deep silence
where I cast everything else aside
and, stop to pause to make sense
of my current state of affairs
musing over what caused it all!

In a pensive mode as I contemplate
asking myself whether is this person
whom I wanted to be all along, and
is this the place where I wanted to belong
the answer unveils in my reflection
where I fail to recognize both
for this is not how 'twas meant to be!

I reflect over the chronicle of my life
marked by my events of success and failure
where at every milestone; I revelled or learnt
and realized that it's the candle of life
masked as a cog in the moving wheel of time
harbouring me to the safe shores, whenever
I've lost my sense of direction n' purpose!

Such candles unexpectedly come n' go unbidden
the onus is on us to value n' savour every moment
of their guidance while being taken care of;
and then continue with our journey of life
renewed with vigor n' a sense of pure faith
that there's an angel up there for all of us
to watch over us and our life's musings!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We make a difference..!!

Each one of us is here for a purpose
and we need to play our part to the fullest!

What if every drop of water
in the ocean would say,
"I'm just a single drop n' not the ocean"
Would there be an ocean then..??

What if every grain
on the land would say,
"I'm just a single grain n' not the land"
Would there be any land then..??

What if every seed
of a plant would say,
"I'm just a single seed n' not the crop"
Would there be any crop then..??

What if every single note
in music would say
"I'm just a single note n' not the melody"
Would there be any melody then..??

Likewise… it is only when we all do
what we got to do that WE make a difference
to our realm n' complete this WORLD of ours
embalming Mother Nature in all its elements!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Nature's Fury...

Bombay, July 26, 2005 ~
Her eyes glaring at the non-obeisance
her unrelenting fury on the rising violence
her silent cries ruffled by the aberrance
her radiance filled energy striking at humans
in the form of intensified lightning bolts
as a mark of an end of her endured resilience
scathing everything within her vision
such was her anger that she destroyed lives
submerging the city that never slept
shaking earth as she kept moving on n' on
leaving indelible emotional scars at every turn
devouring the mark left behind in the minds
of humans by the avalanche n' deluge!

The chaos, wrath, fury took awhile to calm
and 'twas in the queer stillness that it dawned
that Nature to be commanded must first be obeyed
and behind the realm of her wisdom n' benevolence
resides a fierce acerbic unmatched super power
which is best when in its soft demeanour form!

To invoke or soothe this Nature's fury, and
Time's wrath - lies totally unto us…
Let’s together ensure that it will not recur..!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Life - My Way

Some say...
Life is a journey, and
not a destination!
Others say...
Life is a book where you need to turn
to a new page to forge ahead!
Rest say...
Life is what we make it,
always has been, always will be!

But, what is Life?
Moments of time clustered together, and
credited to your name for you to live them
to the fullest in this realm n' this lifetime
where you observe, pause, unlearn n' learn anew
as you traverse thru' this journey set for you!

Life offers no controls of ~
Pause, Rewind, Play n' Stop
to get a handle on Life!
What's done is done n' cannot be undone
for it's deeply frozen in time!

So, what do you do..??
You make the most of whatever you know, and
move on  thru' every tide, high n' low, and
thru' every crisis, labyrinths and windfall
juxtaposed with a gamut of sensitizing emotions
till its time for you to rest in your grave
which symbolizes THE END of your journey
with your memorable lifetime, and while you're at it
make sure you say, Oh Holy! What a journey, it’s been!

As for me being on the same plateau ~
Having known n' understood whatever I've known
at this point n' time in my life, I admit…
"Yes, I've made lots of mistakes in my Life
for Life never came with a User's Manual for ME"!!
So, I shall always live... 'My Life - My Way'!!

Monday, June 18, 2012


WORDS - an assembly of letters
that we write, speak n' read!

As a fragmented self they mean nothing 

but as a clique they have the power 
to make or mar one's life 
they can usher you into bright light
or throw you in a vortex of dark
they can encourage you to see the real
or discourage you by showing the surreal
they can express love or instigate hate
they can make you dance, sing or cry
for once they are formed n' delivered
you cannot reject or deny them
such is their power and influence!

How do we use them, then ~
discreetly, judiciously, prudently?
the onus of the choice lies only on us
for as we all know, how a cluster of WORDS
can shape our life from time to time!

Friday, June 15, 2012


Time after time; moment after moment
life ages away forming memories
of everything passing by relentlessly
be it the good, bad or the in-betweens
all are packaged as they occur
to last forever but as time flies 
some do fade while some remain 
vividly clear n' close to heart
ushering in smiles n' gleams of joy
as others unleash in the form of tears
when you reminisce them as you walk down 
on a trip in your memory lane
reflecting on the yonder of your past
thousands of memories spanning
your lifetime of how you've lived 
your life with all its non-rhythmicity
coalesced with splendor n' struggle akin!

Life is a collage of all such moments 

moments that become memories
memories that act as anchors
defining the "YOU" in you
as you tread towards the pearly gates!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emerging Stronger

I am emerging from a black hole
that's almost consumed me whole
it's been a painful journey for me
I am uncertain of what's in the anvil
let alone know how will I tackle it!

Being a compassionate benevolent

I let the happenings around me
destroy me little by little, over time
and eventually cut me to the core
without letting the other's know
of all the affliction I was going thru'
that broke my heart n' shattered my mind
the ordeal and the emotional mayhem
devastated me further, letting me sink in
deeper till I held on just in time, and
paused long enough to stop my free fall!

I have to end these depths of despair, and

the problems in my life must be absolved
for I don't want to feel this pain ever again
that has power enough to erode my soul
I need to emerge into a new life, now
with renewed fortitude n' vigour
akin to the mighty phoenix, and
stamp out all the negativities in flames
and take flight to my real realm
stronger than ever before, and
I alone can do it for its MY LIFE
and I need to get a handle on it!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Why is it that when we face a crossroad?
our mind comes to a standstill, and
the obscurity of the situation, further
makes taking a call seem like a task uphill!

It's true that some roads lead us to
success, happiness, peace n' bliss, but
it's also true that some roads lead us to
failure, defeat n' sadness strewn amiss!

One cannot remain standing forever
not wanting to surge ahead, out of fear
some road will have to be chosen n’ undertaken
so what if the journey at the onset appears murkier!

Like an enthralled sojourner, choose the road
where your heart n' mind guide you to, and
if you feel enroute that this isn't the one,
just take a U back for the next road n' continue!

In the realm of unknown, lie the answers
to all that you want to seek n' know
you have to learn to obey n’ listen to nature
as it teaches on the way, but first you've to go!

Tune in your mind n' raise up your eyes
to overcome the plight that's anguishing you
every crossroad has some learning for you to imbue
replenished with the beauty that surrounds you!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't give in...

In this world, you'll find ~
love, hate, bliss, peace, chaos, serenity
don't give in when you find yourself alone
for there's an angel out there watching you
don't give in when you've tried, and
it hasn't worked for you; just be patient
don't give in when you feel emotionless
all your emotions are subdued inside you
don't give in when you're at crossroads
every path has a lot in it's fold to show
don't give in to the stormy nights
instead adjust your sails n' continue
don't give in when you keep stumbling
rise again more determined n' stronger
don't give in to the trying times
rather surge ahead armed with HOPE
don't given in to the dark nights 
for they in actual parlance are tests for us
to see whether we can light the path ahead 
from the inner light of the soul within us..!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Soul Search

Masking the embitterment
that was ripping 
my heart apart
beyond any cognizance
of all that I thought
I was and I was not.

I was existing, and

yet not existing
perplexed with the ongoings
in which I was being consumed
when all I wanted was 
to be left alone.

Inveigled actions around

where overwhelming me
in a pool of emotions
that hurt and bled
till there was
nothing left.

Why O' Why..??

was I getting trappped as such
when all I sought was
the definition of "I"
to understand what comprehended
the soul of my life.

Blood, sweat, tears, toil

I gave it my all
till I finally 
found the answers 
of what my soul sought, and
I felt serenity like never before.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Never say I give up..!!

Never say I give up ~
when your heart says "try once again"
never say I give up ~
when answers are what you seek
never say I give up ~
when you're at your lowest point
never say I give up ~
when you feel you're collapsing inside!

Times change...

a new day ushers in a fresh breath of hope
answers that remain elusive do unfold
just when the time is ripe for you
from the nadir to the zenith is just a climb
depending on the courage n' perseverance 
within you that keep you going as ONE
to fight from every raging tide n' taciturn!

So, never say I give up ~

for life is a journey n' not a destination
where you learn from every highs n' lows
embrace yourself n' set foot even if alone
n' you shall get what you want
for in the end it all depends on your

Friday, April 13, 2012

Intoxicating Blues..

a poignant precedent reality
that had left its share of scars on me
deterred me and made me more vulnerable
such that I was devastated in the apocalypse
that shred all the anchors that I held onto!

Within the realm of my present life
I did all that I could to handle the crisis
and there was nothing else that I could do
yet, they continued assaulting my soul
offering me no temporal respite to bounce back
so, this time I responded with a killer silence
as I could take in no more of the pain
the hurt had reached the set thresholds
n' I seemed to have surpassed them all!

Today, I've reached that state of mind
where I have started thinking out aloud
as my heart is ruptured with the ongoing
wishing hard for something or someone
to come n' calm my troubled self, and
drive all the intoxicating blues away..!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunset of her Life

As she walked towards the sunset of her life
her life reeled before her from the time
she had her senses in place, to comprehend
the finer nuances of life n' its mysteries
that regaled her initially n' then amused her
with it's reality that seemed less whimsical
n' more daunting as moments n' years passed by!

Her life that once seemed bright n' colorful
with the radiance of joy n' energy, exuberated
by the innocence of having been a child
followed by the enthusiasm of the youth
but as mid-life seeped in, it usurped em all
with the verve diminishing as the absurdity
of the real life finally seeped within her!

She realised the farceness of the world
she lived in n' the people who surrounded her
her mind, spirit n' soul after years of conflict
had now become ONE after sifting from life
the unreal, surreal, ethereal n' real;
with grace in her heart, she accepted em all, and
elegantly walked towards the sunset of her life!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Phenomenal Woman

Demons of the past haunting her each night
leaving a dissipated feeling within the heart
that's halved n' yet she holds HOPE as her aromor
too much pain inflicted in her mind n' spirit
as she oscillated between hell n' back to earth
to find answers which are now imperative to seek
sanity, reality checks, practicalities came n' went
offering no respite to her silent tears
that kept ripping her apart from within..!!

She knows she is not alone that every story
of every human here is a unque war cry
but, truth remains at the end of the day
the battles are to be fought on our own
there's no point living in fear
when you were born, you were empty handed
there is nothing to lose in that sense
when nothing worked her way out
she paused to make sense in repose..!!

She set on a task of giving it a last shot
of surmising where she was and what could be done
for this jaded life couldn't go on n' on' forever
With yesterday behind and tomorrow ahead
all that was left was the present to take care of
holding onto past, hurt more so she let them all go
she wiped clean her tears that were almost dry
n' basked herself in the twilight mist
to see the remaining rainbows of her life..!!

She is a Phenomenal Woman,
a Phenomenal Woman is she..!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Silent Admirer

I sit silently observing the soulmate
of my dreams get around the daily life
I wonder what it would feel like ~
to have such a precious soul as a part
of my realm, who has mesmerized me
with an inner beauty that enchants my heart
illuminating me with a special aura forever!

Oh! Soulmate of mine, I hope...
you're aware that I'm captivated
by your demeanour, elegance n' aura
that leave footprints in my heart, each time
your angelic smile flutters thru' your eyes
it raptures me within such that I cannot hide
your silent gaze is what keeps me moving in life!

Oh! Soulmate of mine, I hope...
though we've never spoken, it stings me
every time, I attempt to express my feelings
to you but I fail to muster enough courage
as my body shivers and I feel numbed within
so, I content myself by cherishing the silence
between us, overwhelmed with merely admiring you!

Oh! Soulmate of mine, I hope...
someday you'll understand my true love for you
in its real essence that will hold you spellbound
and protect you thru' all the trying times of life
enticing you to be fascinated in a world of our love
where we will belong to each other forever n' ever
till then, I shall remain as your silent admirer..!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Holi

Every year as the full moon
in March, cast in all its splendor
glances on the bountiful earth
it sees the evil "Holika" burnt
amongst the pious beliefs
of its true devotees
symbolizing the win
over the devil, and
restoring faith in all of us!

Holi ushers in the festive colors
each having its own meaning
that leave us all enthralled
in an atmosphere of cheer,
love, content n' oneness
as the riot of colors spreads
everywhere with pots full of 'bhang'
that downs all our fears n' worries
n' let's us celebrate in merriment, and
delight, rejoicing the splash of these
vibrant colors that color our drab lives!

May the colors of this special occasion
spread color in the lives of every soul
with happiness, joy, success n' bliss
and, binding us close like never before!

::: HAPPY HOLI :::

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everyone needs Someone

No matter how much we say ~
we prefer our independence
need space, need privacy
but, truth remains
we all need someone, be it
the poor man in the streets
or the rich in his palace
be it the unknown common man
or the vastly acclaimed star
the greatest need of all our lives
is the need of someone
who fully understands us
and is there with us
through skies gray n' blue
to care, to love, to share
to hold us close or just let us be
who understands our silence
lessens our sorrows, and
doubles our happiness
its unto us to reach out to
such an extended hand in our lives
we all have one, but,
its is we who fail to recognize
the loving kindred spirit,
and deny us the feeling
of being taken care of, and
feeling complete in life..!!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty of a Woman

She walks elegantly with poise n' grace
the aura around her is austere n' chaste
her beauty isn't in her cosmetic laden face
or her attire with accessories in place!

Her beauty lies in her soft tender eyes
her thoughts in mind so eloquent n' wise
which when she expresses, soothe every mind
precious souls like her are hard to find!

When you are engulfed in the dark night
n' withdraw fearing being the ravens delight
her mere benevolent presence ushers in light
transforming the dark to the glowing bright!

As she caringly connects every human around
softly, serenely with joy, woven in abound
she is an embodiment of true pristine love
she is truly a blessing, a gift from above!

Woman - You're LIFE..!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I love to stay the way I am..!!

If I am the traditional conservative woman,
I am the cynosure of all social eyes;
If I live within the dogma's of this world,
I am the most sought after ideal woman;
If I abstain from all form of indulgences,
I am the one who's had the right upbringing;
But, I say ~
To hell with all these mediocre boundaries
that prevent me from being the one "I AM"!!

When I call a spade a spade in my talks
they call me an arrogant ruthless soul
when in truth it is they who cannot
deal with reality and face it as it is!!

When I live my life on my own rules n' terms
they say she abstains from the social norms
when in truth it is they who're hooked onto
the subservient n' refuse to move on in life!!

I am not one to justify myself
to strangers n' close ones akin;
I love to stay the way I am
and, I do not care a damn..!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

As you travel through Life…

As you travel through life ~
you'll realise you're alone
with travelers in your life
who'll keep coming n' going
stop not at any crossroad
for the journey is intriguing
you might pause though, to ponder
when you've to take the hard decisions
where the solutions seem non-existent
but, stay rest assured that a new dawn
always awaits you, to help you move on
with a calm mind choose your path, and
set afoot thru' all the vagaries of life
succumb not to the ups n' downs you face
they are a part of life's journey
withdraw if you choose to, but
only to continue with renewed strength
the mysteries of nature are invigorating
and time is the quintessential master
who'll teach you what you've to learn,
unlearn n' relearn, and guide you
to evoke a deeper conscience within you
to be able to imbue the nuances of life
for that is the only way to surge ahead
to a world of your dreams, your goals
and, when you finally reach your destination
there'll be moments of exhilaration n' bliss
with a sense of accomplishment n' pride
never mind what prices you'd to pay enroute
the journey will always be a worthwhile one
and, you'll have with you a story of your own!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Midnight Sun

It may be night; it may be dark,
it doesn't make any difference
for there is the midnight sun ~
spreading it's light n' glare
in the sky, in its signature style
a natural phenomena of the universe
in the polar region n' around
that unifies the day n' night
even when the day is gone
illustrating yet another wonder
of this mystical marvellous nature..!!

In the dark confines of our lives
we feel lost n' seek light;
why then do we abhor n' feel unnerved
by not understanding the Spirit's motive
in creating for us, a bright midnight sun
to unveil the hidden secrets of our lives
driving away the darkness for a brief period,
for us to behold this peaceful treasure
that we sought all along but never realize
when it is given unto us in our sojourn
in the land of the Midnight Sun..!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This too shall pass..!!

Today, no matter how heavy her heart is
wavering n' shattering to smithereens within
she tries her best to hold herself together,
even if she has to put on a binding layer!

With her world crashing on her on the outside
forcing her to walk the dangerous thin line
she tries to remain as resilient as she can be
clinging to hope n' preserving her integrity!

In this very turbulent phase of her life
when its exacting to endure her living present
she strives hard to fight back the dark nights
no matter how cold n' bleak the outcome seems!

It's the belief that she keeps reinstating
within her that what she is doing is true
with faith that everything will fade away
gradually n' her life will be alright very soon!

At this very crossroad of her life ~
if she is able to take the decision she has to
in the midst of the realm that she's in
she will embark on the path that she's got to!

She just has to keep moving on n' on, holding
together the whole of her unified as ONE
knowing that the darkness shall pave way to light
and, that "This too shall pass away..!!".


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Joys

Little joys like ~
listening to soothing music
enjoying the whiff of fresh air
watching the dew-drops on leaves
walking on grass or on sand
towards the subtle sunrise or sunset
feeling one within, in blissful solitude
looking at where the horizons meet
gazing at the beauty of the azure sky
or the colors of the meadows
and the smell of earth
during the first showers
it's this midas touch that symbolizes
harmony n' peace in the midst
of the mystical wonders of nature
that give us our ecstatic pleasure..!!

Why trade these rapturous
enchanting thrilling joys
to the dark shadows of
a demanding n' pretentious
world that sucks you within
in its vortex leaving you depraved..??

Get soaked in these joys n' soar high
spreading your wings to unknown heights
setting yourself as free as you can be
enjoying every moment, the beauty of life
and life's little things..!!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Transient Thoughts...

Transient thoughts
breeze through the mind
with the cold frigid air
brushing across my face
calming my unquiet mind
whispering in my heart
ephemeral emotions of
love, hate, solitude, hope
blending them together
leaving my heart unsteady
frangible n' vulnerable..!!

The dusk to dawn theory
doesn't fit in, somehow
for each day browbeats
the yesterday creating mayhem
n' flits away with a
promise of a better tomorrow
Where then is the today
if it is caught in transition
between both these days..?!

Is it all a fabrication
of an over active mind
or, maybe a simply fictitious
affair with nothing as such
but the yearning of the heart
to seek solace, bliss n' love
in the midst of
chaos n’ profound pain
if not true, then

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Longing to be young, once again..!!

It's strange how we transform ~
as we grow, nothing remains the same
as seasons pass by, we are sculpted
to become a more mature persona
isn't it amazing on how the meanings change,
from what we thought of them
when we were young ~
n' receptive to everything around us
why then do we become rigid
with the passing years
remaining no longer tenable
losing all our raw innocence, and
our ability to love unconditionally
to treat every new dawn as a wonder
that appealed to us boundlessly
beckoning us to bring out the best in us
spreading seeds of joy n' happiness
wherever we leave our footprints!

Can we not retain the same innocence
and, preserve our spirit n' soul akin
embalming them in love, innocence n' verve
setting free ourselves from all miseries
and, the meaningless race to keep pace
with an unwanted pretence masking the REAL us??

If by growing up, life turns out to be like this
I long to be young once again, forever...!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

If you ever want to shine like the Sun, you’ve to burn like it!

Chafing the heart and mind
to break through the mould
and create a mark of your own
is a scalding herculean task
not meant for the weak hearted
for it is not the benevolent full moon
offering its peaceful realm that one seeks
but it is the aura of bright sunlight
that fires the trigger within to be there, and
to do something new that's never done before!

Only as far as I set my vision
will I be able to set the boundaries,
Only as far as I'm able to push yourself
will I be able to identify my true strength
Only as far as I make my dream, my goal
will I be able to shape it in reality
Only when I'm able to see my works take form
will I know that I'm on the right path!

En route the journey of life, I've learnt
it's entirely unto us to be who we are, and
become who we want to be in our lifetime
before trying to command nature in our sojourn
we first have to learn to obey it
we have to learn through every walk of life
as an observer, empathize n' pause to understand
what the nuances in life actually do mean
there's nothing free n' everything comes at a price
just like...
If you ever want to shine like the Sun,
first you have to burn like it..!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ambiguous Life

What do I express of life, this life
save, it's nothing but an ambiguous life!!

a moment of chaos, a moment of calm,
a moment of roar, a moment of whisper,
a moment of light, a moment of darkness,
a moment of sense, a moment of conflict,
a moment of love, a moment of hate,
a moment of clamor, a moment of silence,
a moment of pleasure, a mment of pain,
a moment of pretence, a moment of reality,
a moment of grotesque, a moment of beauty,
a moment of depression, a moment of hope,
and, so many more contrariness
all stemming from the life ~
birth in this mysterious universe,
where time flows forever like the river
undeterred in its journey n' forever sparkling
bringing in a new facet with it every new day
that changes a part of us; for good or bad
but who's the master to judge, no one knows..??
life moves on and the cycle continues on n' on
till one fine day when death takes you away
to yet another unfamiliar unknown territory
where you rest in peace from this damnation
setting your spirited soul free for eternity
nothing would change after you're dead n' gone
there would be a momentary pause by the loved ones
till they find their grounds n' surge ahead, and
the universe continues its vicious rigmarole
birthing new souls n' taking them through it all
just like how it did with you while you lasted here
such are the vagaries of life, our ambiguous life..!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A time to rend, a time to sew

She'd an unmatched zeal as was her pursuit
to learn the true n' real meaning of life
she embraced her quest n' set out in zest
but it did not take her long to realize
what the harshness in life had done to her heart
she was no longer a reflection of her true self
she loved company but felt alone in crowd
she wasn't lonely but she longed for a world
that was filled with peace, bliss n' love
she paused when she couldn't comprehend
the perils of life that consumed her whole
but she bounced back with her fiery spirit
piecing herself together to continue her transit
to seek what she sought, such intense was her will
as time flowed, she learnt more n' more
she never believed in the doctrines
n' always left it to the sands of time
to guide her through her journey of life
be it her fate, destiny or the winds of change
n' all the realities that she found strange
like a wise sojourner, she imbued the real
and felt exalted, liberated n' joyous
as she realized the meaning of life anew
that there is always "a time to rend and a time to sew"!

Monday, January 2, 2012


When chaos n’ turmoil are flagrant in my life
n' I momentarily think I can't handle the rife
when tact’s, deeds n' words fail to do the needful
that's when I adopt the SILENCE that's powerful!

In the depth of silence ~
as I embark on the journey deep within
to contemplate over the realm that I live-in
as my musings n' thoughts unfold in my mind
I let them have a free flow, unchaining the binds
my heart, spirit n' soul akin connect as whole
bolstering my conscience, to take full control!

The harder the resolute to seek the answers
with the dauntless tenacity to not give-in
ensure a clean sweep of the cluttered mind
quasi yet real are the choices of this sojourn
now, it's up to me to decide which path to choose!

Silence is not a sign of weakness or loneliness
it's a powerful weapon of souls with fortitude
Silence brings together the elements within me
it has its own energy, substance n' style
Silence, I revere your presence in my life
for condescending me and showing me light!

SILENCE… I bow to thee for eternity..!!