Friday, December 12, 2014


she lay trapped between the sands of time
warped in a shell that was marooned and still
having recently understood the fragility of life
a finding that left her deprived of her will

emotionally detached, she dwelled deep within
to know how it felt beneath her skin
she discovered the tangled remains of her heart
along with a battered body that was ripped apart

having realized that she had given it all
with nothing more left that she could give
stripped off all her energy, she stood bereft
seeking herself a reason to live

metamorphosed by all that was delivered to her
battling the chaos inside and out
in search of calm, she took a new stance
and decided to give her life a second chance

eager to rise from the shadows of the dark

onward she marched on the journey she had embarked
floating across celestial time and space
trying to figure out she belonged to which place

she immersed in deep seas of emotions
reaching depths untouched before
searching hard all the while
for an antidote for her parched soul