Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Wishes

Only a second separates the last year to the new year
yet, so much changes in terms of perspective...
hope blossoms, new dreams are envisaged on the anvil,
intellect is slaked, goals reset, heart rekindled,
mind rejuvenated, spirit wanting to burst at will,
letting go off the murky past n' moving on...
to enjoy the pleasures of new beginnings in Life..!!

The New Year holds aplenty in its arms ~
to reveal n' unleash them all as moments unfold
where every sunrise sees a new reality born
leaving it unto us to make our choices
owning up for our actions n' deeds, and
making it a motive to live our life to the fullest
in bliss n' serenity instead of serendipity..!!

My wishes for you are for you ~
to live a life of dignity grounded by your values
where you dare to be real in a world of pretence
be an epitome of patience, grace n' strength
ready to take on life as you scale new heights
sowing seeds of love, joy, care, bliss n' peace
wherever you go, in merriment n' abundance..!!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Poem

Penning a poem to me
is as important as expressing
all of me trapped within me..!!

We all have our daily lives,
pursuits, goals to accomplish
but what remains trapped within
are the words and emotions unexpressed
and this is exactly what a poem does
it gives it form, a persona, an identity,
of being something that someone can relate
to other than the poet who penned it
a poem is a reflection of ~
thoughts, realization n' feelings
flowing from the poet's mind
into the medium chosen to express
to connect a lot of unchained thoughts,
cognizant enough to evoke the inner "YOU"
thru' the poet's heart, mind, spirit n' soul
woven together and manifested as a POEM..!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry X'Mas

the real souvenir that X'Mas brings ~
is the love, joy, happiness spread everywhere,
and, the pleasant regale that bestows the air,
with all enjoying the exuberant merriment n' fanfare!

the vibrant colors n' magnificent tree,
enthralling one n' all in its creation,
with surprise gifts hidden for loved ones,
chosen with thoughtful care n' affection!

fragrant scents, chilling weather that's resplendent,
gleaming faces bright with content, eyes sparkling
with dazzling smiles, warm hugs n' glowing hearts,
make this a special festive season of holy delight!

O! X'Mas, heavenly beatific X'Mas...
we all have been waiting the whole year long,
for you to weave the magic with your spirit, 
to bring on the time for harmony, rejoice n' cheers!

With prayers deep down my heart, I wish ~
may there be an angel to bless every soul on earth,
may there be no dearth of true love n' bliss, and
may our lives remain forever simple n' revel in mirth! 

                    ::: MERRY X'MAS :::

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Emotional Scars

scars get inflicted in all walks of life
while some are external n' heal with time
it's the emotional ones that leave their mark
n' remain etched, dark n' deep in our minds!

these scars're hidden n' do not 've any visible form
torn, deranged n' fragmented are how they exist
they're caused when the heart is pierced n' bleeds
for the free flow of mental trauma refuses to cease!

a surge of emotions wreath around such scars
making one a wreck trapped within oneself
faltering faith, broken heart, shattered hopes
depression envelopes as they erupt like tropes!

emotional scars are scathed within n' do not show
akin to the deep wounds that do not heal
it's seldom that one can really feel n' see
what the one with the emotional pain deeply feels!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Away, Abjectness...

a past to let go
a present to live
a tomorrow to look forth to!

Why then does abjectness
come to the fore
when the dusk prevails
with all the obscurity
that we park aside
during the melee of the day
until the new day dawns
with twilight, to herald hopes
of striving to live another day
with all that it has to offer!

The earth continues to revolve
the river continues to flow
with the breezy winds blowing
n' the wonders of Mother Nature
calming us down as they always do!

Is it the concrete jungle
rife with rules of its own
that is enslaving n' mellowing us
to follow Darwin's rule to survive
killing the raw innocence within
Hell! No, it’s in each one of us
to handle life the way we want to
with powers enough to believe
in worshiping a stone as an idol
or treating an idol as a stone!

Drive away the fears,
n' the abjectness that consumes
your whole n' derides you of emotions
let them away, let them go;
aspiring all the while...
to remain true to yourself,
to spread the power of love,
to do ya best in all that you do,
n' just be the REAL YOU..!!

Friday, December 9, 2011


What is destiny?
A pre-ordained diktat
of each one of our lives
written by the almighty
when we are born?
the result of actions
n' deeds done by us
in our everyday lives
when we live?
those who believe in the former
blame it for every outcome
when things go against their will
those who believe in the latter
know what needs to be done
n' feel familiar with the drill
it is better to not get embroiled
in this enmeshed world of destiny
n' live our lives ignorant of it
with grace, fortitude n' serenity!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Reflections of My Soul

I lived all my life in pursuit of understanding
the true calling of the real ME
that would define the "I" in me
n' prepare myself for it's sojourn
at whichever point of life, I would discover it.

I used to think of this ~
as a journey within a journey
which had lessons to unlearn n' learn anew
a sojourn with it's own set of ~
trials n' tribulations, simplicity n' complexity,
temptation n' abstinence, a different world order
that would be my transcendence to my independence.


Today ~
a sudden transformation swayed thru' me
as I was enjoying the subtle pleasures
of a calm, breezy, dark, star n' moonlit sky
it began with a discerning feeling of
emptiness and nothingness within
as if layers of dust from the past
buried over time had been vacuumed
in one sweep motion by a gust of wind
n' I stood there experiencing a never before
felt sense of liberation from all around me
as I closed my eyes, I felt time pause
n' I saw a glowing light dawn within
to show me the crystal clear reflection
of my own pristine soul, even if for a moment
I saw it was free, spirited n' ‘twas untouched
floating in the mirth of sublime love in its realm
just like the way, I always felt it would be..!!
Intoxicated n' content with this new found peace in my life
after being thru' such blissful serene moments
intending to preserve this savoir-faire within me, forever
I already sense the evolution of a new ME...