Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mind Matters..!!

As I lie down...
I see a myriad of images 
reeling through my eyes
along with the voices in my head
these demons, they deprave me
of my sleep and any form of peace
I don't blame them for I birthed them
when I went thru' conflicting moments in life
consequentially, the thoughts 
settled deep in the confines of my mind 
and created a level of chaos
that I've never witnessed before
where I am ME and yet not ME..!!


I choose to live free but in autonomity
and for this I shall do all that I can
with resolute strength I'll fight away the demons
and with the gifted ability to handle crisis
I'll cross all the barriers enroute
and leave my mark on the paths traveled
I'll sweep and purge my mind from all the cobwebs
to make room for fresh thoughts and opportunities
and pave the way for a new beginning from here on
I'll never look into my past for that's not my way
but the only time I will ever look back 
or dwell in it will be when I want to know 
how far ahead I've come in life..!!