Saturday, January 31, 2009

Known Unknown

When our life's paths interwined
It felt then as if we were destined
to be known to each other
and share the journey together

Two souls in search of an anchor
united in friendship splendour
Life in its realm appeared bliss
with sheer love, joy n' caress

Then came the accusation
the heartburn in the relation
the farceness, the gamble
life seemed in shambles

Your gratitude, your pretence
was only an effervesence
and when the charm ended
the charmer, you disdained

Thoughts about you upset n' I sigh
your talks, your words, a blatant lie
I despise myself for holding you so close
that you question my integrity n' called it hoax

The sadness further darkens my mind
known's become unknown, thanks to thine
I shudder to think of the past now -
But, I know I have to learn to live with it somehow.

As long as you are there...

This world has not given me much,
A lot of pain, and many a heart felt sigh,
But, my only comfort off-lately is your gentle touch,
My heart's speaking true, this ain't a lie.

I was scared of the intense dark,
Life's ugly face did bother me,
And my fate left me such a deep mark,
I felt surrendered, I felt lost.

You give me hope for my future,
With your friendship, I see life with no end;
Without your presence, I fear to tread on anything,
It’s on you whom I depend, my friend.

The assurance you are always with me,
Gives me confidence all will go well,
It doesn’t matter what problems arise,
I know you have the wisdom to know what's right.

Not every problem is solved as I wish,
But I trust you know to handle it best,
So I simply move on and put it behind,
I don’t let it cause me any distress.

Without your friendship, I feel lonely,
But together with you, I feel accomplished.
The care you express for each day that I live,
Are much more than I’ll ever need.

As long as you are there to love me my friend, I'll keep living...
As long as you are there to hold my hand, I do not fear falling,
As long as you are there to wipe my tears, I'm not afraid of crying,
As long as you can read my face, I'll not endeavor hiding.

As Long As You Are There - my dearest friend, I'll keep living...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Psalm of Life

appearances of blues n'
disappearances of mirth
are like the seasons
and one should not be
disturbed by them

the moment you fully surmise
of who and what you are
it's only then that
you begin to build
your own pristine world

in the altitude of your life ~
of whatever you hath
having ebbed away
it will come back to you
with abundant cheers
rippling every bare
inlet, creek n' bay

T'is is the Psalm of Life!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turn My Life Around

I don't know where I went wrong
I can't say which turn led me here
I only know that I'm afraid -
I feel worn down and full of fear

So much lies still within my soul-
wanting to burst free to serve at will
I try to find the strength within but I do not
for with every passing moment I find myself standing still

Whenever I have tried to find the way -
through this confusing life without grace
I fall and stumble everywhere
as softly tears run down upon my face

It's been so long since I have been practicing -
the art of being able to endure and give
Though over time I've learned and grown
Now it's time for me to learn to live

When I prayed to Lord, from within my soul -
HE sent you to come into my life
I need to plant my feet on firm ground
O! dear, will you turn my life around?