Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Longing to be young, once again..!!

It's strange how we transform ~
as we grow, nothing remains the same
as seasons pass by, we are sculpted
to become a more mature persona
isn't it amazing on how the meanings change,
from what we thought of them
when we were young ~
n' receptive to everything around us
why then do we become rigid
with the passing years
remaining no longer tenable
losing all our raw innocence, and
our ability to love unconditionally
to treat every new dawn as a wonder
that appealed to us boundlessly
beckoning us to bring out the best in us
spreading seeds of joy n' happiness
wherever we leave our footprints!

Can we not retain the same innocence
and, preserve our spirit n' soul akin
embalming them in love, innocence n' verve
setting free ourselves from all miseries
and, the meaningless race to keep pace
with an unwanted pretence masking the REAL us??

If by growing up, life turns out to be like this
I long to be young once again, forever...!!

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