Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Never Knew …

I never knew that I could meet one person who would make me feel so good and so complete,
I never knew that one person could mean so much to me and that one person could affect me so much,
I never knew that respect, friendship and affection could feel like this, a feeling so great that it rushes from the heart,
I never knew that I could care about someone the way I care about you,
I know, though, that all of these feelings are possible because of you.

To make me think about you all of the time and the moments we share -
I know that I have found a special F.R.I.E.N.D,
Someone… who can hold my soul in her hands.
I know that this state of mind is like no other -
A feeling so powerful that you would do anything for that person.

Thank you for helping me realize that all of these are possible.
Thank you for stepping into my life and making me know that there is someone like you.

P.S: Dedicated to Radhika...my dearest friend :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

A special FRIEND

He took the time to look inside
this heart as cold as stone
He found that there was something there
that no one else has ever known
He took the time to make me realize
his friendship so pure n' true
He stood with me thru' my trying times
chasing away my grays n' blues.

I'm now going to take this time
To say "Thanks" for all that he's done,
I hope that he knows that I adore him
And that our journey of friendship is the most cherished one...

P.S: Dedicated to my truest friend Ganoo...thanks for everything dude!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mein Aur Mere Servers...

mein aur mere servers
aksar yeh baatein karte hain;
tum chalte tho kaisa hota;
tum nahin ghirte to kaisa hota!!

mein araam se apni zindagi bitati;
kuch pal apno ke saath guzaarti;
kaash tum crash nahin hote;
kaash mujhe nights nahin maarne padte;
mein aur mere servers aksar yeh baatein karte hain;
tum chalte tho kaisa hota;
tum nahin ghirte to kaisa hota!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time n' Life

The moving finger
sometimes does go back
not to rewrite for it can't
but to re-read

It comes across vague occurred incidences
which back then were deriguered as "right" 
but with the passage of time 
and in it’s whole form today
seem derisory or dismissive

Beguiled by life's contrariness -
of "If only" this or that
on such and such a time
had varied by a minute or a second
or something done undone 
and “perhaps” something undone done
this world would seem a different place
for "if-only's" and "perhaps" seem to be siblings
stated as "reasons" in our minds

For those who don’t know that 
Life is a rigmarole of smiles and tears
encompassed in an ocean of emotions
where -
there is no one to augur of what is to come
the only thing obvious
is the inevitable death

This is the ELM OF LIFE!

Monday, March 3, 2008

EVOLVE - Arched ccross the Sky !!

A corporate identity, a seed
borne in my imagination
The name - EVOLVE
christened n' partnered by thee
As it arched across the world's
lovely hazy gray-blue sky
On one end there sat you
And, at the other end sat I

EVOLVE bridged the connection
from my professional dreams to yours
Anchored by forces who were muted in solitude
by destiny, but when together basked in twilight
Riding high through the rainstorms
and, from the gray skies to the blue
Its become so evident over time now
that we have rebuilt like the Hue

Like a genuine smile upward bound
Its propelled to stretch like a bridge across
Sliding right over to the other side, thats
the other end of our coloured arch
With dreams akin a colorful rainbow
Reaching destinations unknown, horizons anew
That has no gate, no barrier, no door,
Connecting end to end, arching shore to shore.

P.S: Dedicated to Sandy

Saturday, March 1, 2008


When darkness like a cloud descends
And banishes away the light
When days are just memories of past
Shattering heart to smithereens
When heaviness engulfs your soul
Crushing it with object unknown
Find h o p e in knowing
Through it all, you are not alone.

Rest your mind and feel the air mellow
Close your eyes and block all the sorrow
Look within you for the strength you have inside
To do it all again- tomorrow, a start afresh.

And then feel it- inside you, feel it- around you
A gentle hand that shall wipe away your tears-
And hold you close to wash away your fears.

For- there's an angel, watching over you
And no matter what tomorrow brings
You'll always be wrapped under her angel wings.

Start Again...

I looked at world through glass,
Watching its people pass,
I thought nobody would touch me,
That I'm safe.

But the world blew cold, in the depths of my soul,
The deed was done, it was too late,
Menacingly ruthless souls walked through me,
Crushing past as if I am a nobody nowhere.

Where I never thought they would upset me,
I was too late as they hurt and made me cry.
I ran away from the world, to hide in the corners of my mind alone,
Thinking I could save my heart, but no I could'nt n' it bled.

Emotionally shattered, for the pain mattered,

I sought shelter in a room without windows
In the company of shadows that took me in
Silence brought strength n' I could stand once more

I decided - I will S T A R T A G A I N!!

Innocent dreams...

Innocent dreams, golden heart, rested on thy shattered past,
sensing the role of freedom above, freed thyself with unchained Love;
entered thy fantasies, which were mild,
drove out thy fears, which were wild,
revealed stories that were untold,
unfurled mysteries that were on-hold,
blessed with LOVE, serene seemed LIFE,
with newfound happiness there was no strife,
till… time played a cruel game ~
destroyed was the bliss n' love slained

Innocent dreams, golden heart, rested, again, on thy shattered past,
sensing that freedom was not above, freed thyself of the unchained Love.

DAD – I miss you …

Calls out my heart but I don’t hear from you anywhere!
Where have u gone Dad, leaving me alone,
Casting sorrows galore and fears unknown???

Every moment from that fateful day -
I wished I could unwind the time...
To save you from grasp of death and keep you amidst us alive,
To soothe away all your pain and fulfill all your wishes,
To drive away all your fears and give you lots of love,
To shower you with joy and embellish you in happiness,
To tell you how much I loved you and how much you meant to me,
And share with you my dreams for us and enjoy life's mysteries.

Daddy dearest, don't go away from me,
As the void you have left cannot be filled,
I need you to be there for me, to care for me, to protect me,
As alone I find it very difficult to surpass each day,
Stumbling on all the blocks that life has thrown in my way.

Calls out my heart but I don’t hear from you anywhere!
Where have u gone Dad, leaving me alone,
Casting sorrows galore and fears unknown???

Come back Dad, come back to our home...
For without you, life’s forlorn,
Come back Dad, come back to our home...
For without you, it's a place unknown.

I know today, that I cannot repay ever...
For all your efforts and all your worries,
And all your love and all your care,
O God ! Why didn’t you grant us an extra moment to spare…

Dad, I only wish today that...
If only once, you could forgive me for all the hurt that I caused to thee,
And let me share with you the concerns of my life,
I’m sure Dad, that there would have been lesser strife,
And we would have understood each other better & been more close in life.

Dad, my heart wants to reach out to you each day,
I know you are listening... and you are not away,
Dad, why-o-why am I witnessing such a day???
Where I can sense you around but not feel you in any way…

Come back Dad, come back to our lives...
To bless on the future of your son, daughter and wife,
Come back Dad, come back to our lives...
Without you, LIFE is just not LIFE.

Bereft of words, this is all I can say,
That with every passing moment,
I'm missing you more n’ more in every way!!

Wishing you were with me for ever…

Better W O R L D...

Inspirations drawn from the eternal attire,
Aspirations flying higher n' higher;
The path seemed aglow and destinations known,
Till reality shattered itself and smeared blood unknown.

Its here -
Then, it dawned ...

That only if -
Things that were manifested in the seen,
Had they been realised in the unseen;

The W O R L D -
Then would have been a better place,
For you n' for me n' the entire HUMAN RACE.

Life’s path connects to me …

Strange is life, stranger are its ways,
filled as much with mystery as much as thrill,
when the shores are silent, the waves leave the bay,
like moments that seem as much alive as much as still.

The sun comes up, it's time to face the day,
and I think that life shall today be all right-
and as the day wears on I dont let my nerves fray,
to the hollowness that creeps within me every night.

Having reached crossroads at life, I'm feeling weary,
after the toils of sweat that over years I have shed,
and I'm feeling like the skies too are cloudy and dreary,
like the emptiness within and the heart that has bled.

I know its time to look ahead on the outside,
time to tread life's journey on a new way -
I'm wonderin' whether I'll ever find the strength inside,
to do it all again without going astray.

I have to erase the memories of how it began
sift away the emotions from reality -
I wipe the mirror, dust on my hands,
the shadow clears, a new personality.

The wind blows a puff of scented fresh air,
I try to be tranquil, as much I can be,
it lifts my spirits up, out of that dreaded despair,
sensing freedom above, I steer my life free.

I look to the sky, a cloudless sway,
put a conch to my ear, a silent sea,
strange is life, stranger are its ways...
an empty path ahead, that connects to me.

P.S: This is my personal favorite :-)