Friday, July 29, 2011

Rains n’ ME

It's again that time of the year ~
when the usually bright clouds turn murkier,
bringin' in with it the fiery storms
n' the thunderous lightenin' with non-stop rains,
that many of us fear; thanks to the deluge,
that crippled us all, back a few years..!!

BUT it is not always such ~
there are the subtle showers, too,
where every single drop has it's own rhythm
reverberating across the gray sky,
replenishing the thirsty Mother Earth,
to last enough for yet another passin' year..!!

I love the rains, especially the first showers,
when it sends, soft breezes as it's harbinger
n' then as the pitter-patter drops on the parched earth,
it unleashes a pleasant smell that calms my nerves,
sensitisin' every existin' feelin' within me,
while soothin' my soul n' makin' me feel whole..!!