Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Wishes

Only a second separates the last year to the new year
yet, so much changes in terms of perspective...
hope blossoms, new dreams are envisaged on the anvil,
intellect is slaked, goals reset, heart rekindled,
mind rejuvenated, spirit wanting to burst at will,
letting go off the murky past n' moving on...
to enjoy the pleasures of new beginnings in Life..!!

The New Year holds aplenty in its arms ~
to reveal n' unleash them all as moments unfold
where every sunrise sees a new reality born
leaving it unto us to make our choices
owning up for our actions n' deeds, and
making it a motive to live our life to the fullest
in bliss n' serenity instead of serendipity..!!

My wishes for you are for you ~
to live a life of dignity grounded by your values
where you dare to be real in a world of pretence
be an epitome of patience, grace n' strength
ready to take on life as you scale new heights
sowing seeds of love, joy, care, bliss n' peace
wherever you go, in merriment n' abundance..!!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Poem

Penning a poem to me
is as important as expressing
all of me trapped within me..!!

We all have our daily lives,
pursuits, goals to accomplish
but what remains trapped within
are the words and emotions unexpressed
and this is exactly what a poem does
it gives it form, a persona, an identity,
of being something that someone can relate
to other than the poet who penned it
a poem is a reflection of ~
thoughts, realization n' feelings
flowing from the poet's mind
into the medium chosen to express
to connect a lot of unchained thoughts,
cognizant enough to evoke the inner "YOU"
thru' the poet's heart, mind, spirit n' soul
woven together and manifested as a POEM..!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry X'Mas

the real souvenir that X'Mas brings ~
is the love, joy, happiness spread everywhere,
and, the pleasant regale that bestows the air,
with all enjoying the exuberant merriment n' fanfare!

the vibrant colors n' magnificent tree,
enthralling one n' all in its creation,
with surprise gifts hidden for loved ones,
chosen with thoughtful care n' affection!

fragrant scents, chilling weather that's resplendent,
gleaming faces bright with content, eyes sparkling
with dazzling smiles, warm hugs n' glowing hearts,
make this a special festive season of holy delight!

O! X'Mas, heavenly beatific X'Mas...
we all have been waiting the whole year long,
for you to weave the magic with your spirit, 
to bring on the time for harmony, rejoice n' cheers!

With prayers deep down my heart, I wish ~
may there be an angel to bless every soul on earth,
may there be no dearth of true love n' bliss, and
may our lives remain forever simple n' revel in mirth! 

                    ::: MERRY X'MAS :::

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Emotional Scars

scars get inflicted in all walks of life
while some are external n' heal with time
it's the emotional ones that leave their mark
n' remain etched, dark n' deep in our minds!

these scars're hidden n' do not 've any visible form
torn, deranged n' fragmented are how they exist
they're caused when the heart is pierced n' bleeds
for the free flow of mental trauma refuses to cease!

a surge of emotions wreath around such scars
making one a wreck trapped within oneself
faltering faith, broken heart, shattered hopes
depression envelopes as they erupt like tropes!

emotional scars are scathed within n' do not show
akin to the deep wounds that do not heal
it's seldom that one can really feel n' see
what the one with the emotional pain deeply feels!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Away, Abjectness...

a past to let go
a present to live
a tomorrow to look forth to!

Why then does abjectness
come to the fore
when the dusk prevails
with all the obscurity
that we park aside
during the melee of the day
until the new day dawns
with twilight, to herald hopes
of striving to live another day
with all that it has to offer!

The earth continues to revolve
the river continues to flow
with the breezy winds blowing
n' the wonders of Mother Nature
calming us down as they always do!

Is it the concrete jungle
rife with rules of its own
that is enslaving n' mellowing us
to follow Darwin's rule to survive
killing the raw innocence within
Hell! No, it’s in each one of us
to handle life the way we want to
with powers enough to believe
in worshiping a stone as an idol
or treating an idol as a stone!

Drive away the fears,
n' the abjectness that consumes
your whole n' derides you of emotions
let them away, let them go;
aspiring all the while...
to remain true to yourself,
to spread the power of love,
to do ya best in all that you do,
n' just be the REAL YOU..!!

Friday, December 9, 2011


What is destiny?
A pre-ordained diktat
of each one of our lives
written by the almighty
when we are born?
the result of actions
n' deeds done by us
in our everyday lives
when we live?
those who believe in the former
blame it for every outcome
when things go against their will
those who believe in the latter
know what needs to be done
n' feel familiar with the drill
it is better to not get embroiled
in this enmeshed world of destiny
n' live our lives ignorant of it
with grace, fortitude n' serenity!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Reflections of My Soul

I lived all my life in pursuit of understanding
the true calling of the real ME
that would define the "I" in me
n' prepare myself for it's sojourn
at whichever point of life, I would discover it.

I used to think of this ~
as a journey within a journey
which had lessons to unlearn n' learn anew
a sojourn with it's own set of ~
trials n' tribulations, simplicity n' complexity,
temptation n' abstinence, a different world order
that would be my transcendence to my independence.


Today ~
a sudden transformation swayed thru' me
as I was enjoying the subtle pleasures
of a calm, breezy, dark, star n' moonlit sky
it began with a discerning feeling of
emptiness and nothingness within
as if layers of dust from the past
buried over time had been vacuumed
in one sweep motion by a gust of wind
n' I stood there experiencing a never before
felt sense of liberation from all around me
as I closed my eyes, I felt time pause
n' I saw a glowing light dawn within
to show me the crystal clear reflection
of my own pristine soul, even if for a moment
I saw it was free, spirited n' ‘twas untouched
floating in the mirth of sublime love in its realm
just like the way, I always felt it would be..!!
Intoxicated n' content with this new found peace in my life
after being thru' such blissful serene moments
intending to preserve this savoir-faire within me, forever
I already sense the evolution of a new ME...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Only Time

Who can say...
why you go thru' whatever you do
en route this journey of life
thru' the highs n' lows
as the master is... only time..!!

Who can say...
which road should you choose
when you stand at crossroads
with no one to guide you
as the master is... only time..!!

Who can say...
when the time is ripe
for you to know the answers
that you seek so passionately
as the master is.... only time..!!

Who can say...
what's your true calling
to fulfill the reason why you're here
even when you are ready for the journey
as the master is.... only time..!!

Who can say...
if there is a realm there
beyond this astral orb here
that is filled with true sublime love
as the master... is only time..!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Forever Oneness with Nature

When the concrete jungle, rife with rules of its own,
makes me feel claustrophobic, fraying my nerves within,
where I fight for sustenance amongst the seas of people,
to earn my daily bread for my family n' seek a living;
I take the vagabond escape route to being amidst Nature...
to lose myself in its scenic beauty n' FREE the real ME,
even, if it is momentary, to touch, feel, live n' sensitize,
to infuse within me all that Nature has to offer from its womb;
be it the meadows that paint the vibrant colors from its canvas,
in my otherwise stark life colored only in black n' white;
or the wilderness that sing songs in rhythms of their own,
a melody, so pleasing that sets you grooving to its every beat;
the sunrise that breaks away from twilight to give me hope,
when I feel lost as I surmise the conflicts I face in my life;
the landscapes, seascapes n' mountainous intricate designs,
that leave me spell bound with its native forms n' splendours;
the rivers that flow endlessly remaining new all the while,
teaching me to remain unaffected by the disruptions in life;
the solace in the secluded spot over a rock with subtle winds,
that drives away all my agitation n' plunges me in reverie;
the sunset by the sea that usher-in respite, calming me down,
healing me from within n' resurging me with strength n' wisdom;
to collect myself n' my thoughts to get back the handle of my life,
treasuring every memory to continue my journey when I return back
to the man-made soulless surreal world that bewilders me each time
with the the circle of being enthralled in the charisma of Nature
coming to an undesirable end with the end of the brief sojourn
that brings me a step closer to Nature each time, I seek solace
in its resplendent world emblazoned with inexplicable bliss n' peace
a sacred communion with the eternal power that cannot be expressed
but only be felt from deep within the soul as Nature's powerful mysticism
creating firmly a sense of oneness between ME n' Mother Nature forever…

Friday, November 11, 2011


Euphoric grandeur
ecstatic feelings
fuddled enamoured mind
with muddled reasoning
transcendental state of being
spell bound in jubilance
captivated in a world ablaze
with vivid resplendent delights
it's nothing but a world
of sheer twistedness..!!


Wake up to the reality
that you had shunned
while you sojourned
in this dreamy extrinsic
world of alluring mirth
thoughts come n' thoughts go
making you wonder, what to do,
know that these surreal feelings
hold no resolute abiding grounds
with their frugal pretence..!!

Break FREE from this spell
of pseudo illusions n' twistedness
before they deport you
on an highway to hell
boldly leading you NOWHERE
ravaging your life, forever…
FREEDOM is just a thought away
embrace it in its full splendour
rebound back to your realm, your world
ONE that you know is your very own..!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Circle of Life

From the infinitesimal speck of moment,
when we are formed in an act of unision
of two souls embalmed in love
to the time we step in this world
we are protected in the safe haven of a womb
where we grow n' live a carefully nurtured life.

From hereon, in the midst of all expectations, and
boundaries set by our creators n' those around us
we embark on a remarkable journey ~
beginnin' by observin' n' understandin'
everythin' around us thru' our own senses
with the hand holding done by our protectors
obedient at first, rebellious later,
as we mature n' become consciously aware
of all that this universal nature unveils
before us to comprehend n' imbue what we want to.

From the various sojourns that we undertake
we experience the rise to unprecendented heights
or see us fallin' weak wayside, scathed, hurt
reboundin' at times wisened enough, to sail thru'
once again the high n' lows of this mystical life
that graviates us each time into its fold
be it with hope, faith, chaos, conflict,
love, loss, reality, success or gratitude
it's a vicious rigmarole of all elements
that lets us imbibe from the choices we make
in our expedition, to define the "I".

Enroute, most of us, even create a new life
just like how we arrived, givin' it our all
passin' on our refined learnings n' wisdom
yet, lettin' the new life take its own course
just like how we did when we were them
remaining resilient n' prayin' from deep within
that they get the best of everythin'.

Change which is the only constant factor in Life
forever keeps us on our toes to continually discover
hidden facets within us, creatin' new dimensions,
with an unwaverin' will n' extended endurance powers,
which we thought never existed within us,
when we think of givin' it all up when at the edge
only to rediscover new aspects of livin' Life
to the fullest, in a realm of our own
when we've found our true callin' within
before the rhytmic beat of our heart stops beatin'
n' we embrace the invincible, inevitable death.

Just like the beautiful seasons of nature
that follow each other in a circle
Such is Life ~
a path unfoldin' the mysteries
that Life beholds for each one of us
in a circle, The Circle of Life..!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

FREE Spirit… that’s ME..!!

Enroute the journey of life...
She has been thru' path's that have ~
yanked her away from her fetish for freedom,
her zest for carefree life, her innocence,
binding her to forbidden rules relatively unknown,
wadin' her thru' stumbling blocks that ripped her apart,
enclosing her on, in boundless dreaded fear n' despair,
makin' her stay awake thru' dark nights cryin' silent tears,
havin' been thrown in perpetually void black holes,
that crushed n' shattered her while consuming her whole!!


the deed was done only on her physical existence

for they were not aware of her real presence,

they thought they were seein' her fragmented, when

'twas she who was showin' em what she wanted em to see,

sheer mind games 'twas, till she was ready to bounce back,

n' face head on, the new barricaded set of attacks,

with renewed vigor n' strength within, to hold on,

all the while, waitin' for the time to be just right,

to unveil the real HER - her soul n' spirit with pride!!

She is an untouched FREE spirit n' soul ~

who has risen from her own ash-fill...

like a phoenix to soar new dimensional heights,

over every sea, ocean, mountain, chasm n' tide,

where over every predicament, it is HOPE that abides!!

Her pristine soul is radiant with true love ~

flowin' in abundance, replenishin' each time,

as need be, to sow seeds of peace, bliss n' harmony,

her spirit runs carefree thru' the prying winds, rain,

sunshine, sunset, twilight n' the starry moon lit sky,

who caress her, enliven her n' enthrall her FREE spirit,

liberating the shielded child-woman who yearned all along

to live in a world where innocence is conserved n' Life calls

...for this is the only world where she truly belongs!!

I know all of this of her is true

for that SHE is ME ~

I am the FREE spirit n' soul

who set the I, ME n' MYSELF within me FREE

to be ONE with the universe n' face my fate n' destiny

as such, that from now on I'll live every moment carefree...

Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Diwali

As the sensitizing scent of flowers fills the air
n' the vibrant colours of the rangoli sets in the fanfare
as the sky gets sprayed with exploding luminescent lights
from the crackers that are lit with such pure delight

Such is the spirit of DIWALI ~
that it ushers in happiness n' joys in all our lives
driving away the evil n' bringing in the good vibes
uniting us all to celebrate the festive in grandeur
with loads of fun, laughter, love, smiles n' cheers

May this DIWALI be a real special one
for you n' all your near n' dear ones
guiding you on a journey filled with
peace, prosperity, success n' sheer bliss..!!


Friday, October 21, 2011


in the depth of besieged unusual silence
all she was aware was of her "existence"
that she was alive, that she was breathin'
when everythin' around her was collapsin'

all she saw was an endless tunnel ahead
with perpetual blackness widespread
undesired, was such a soulless journey
that made her life rampant with drudgery

her mind over time had turned out to be stoic
akin to her once carefree life that was now rustic
her lovin' heart had become unyieldingly cold
for her endurance had reached its set threshold

she seemed to be overpowered n' engulfed
with a strange profound feelin' of numbness
such sinewy, gritty n' scary was it's grasp
that she let it crush n' shatter her from inside

will she thwart this peril that's breakin' her apart?
will she let her emotions gain ingress into her heart?
will this eerie numbness destroy her pristine soul?
will she bounce back once more to be her spirited whole?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Moonlight n' ME

Under the vast expanse of the sky ~
stands the MOON, lit in its full ensemble
with the sparkling stars n' sparse dark clouds
dispersed across the endless celestial sphere
reverberating in their glowing luminance
hallmarking a lasting signature mark of its own
soothing the daily drudgery of my cognizance
while I pour my mind, heart n' soul out, akin
and, we have an heartening exchange of thoughts
in an unusual muted, inarticulate conversation
that even in the depth of silence, steers me clear
of all my consternation, qualms n' anxiety
as it lays its calm balm on my wounds, healing me
guiding me above the spiritless day-to-day life
giving me a new high, a sense of freedom above all
into a world of my dreams, hopes n' reverie.

I am enchanted by the moonlight in pure exalt,
in the profound bliss of the elixir that it emanates
which spreads unconditional harmony, love n' bliss
our relation is an un-paralleled lifelong unison
a sinewy bond of feeling ONE, of feeling whole ~

Monday, September 26, 2011

Betrayed trust

Standing tall and strong like a pillar of strength ~
ever since the death of our revered one
the irreparable loss that balked all our lives
I grew up overnight killing the young ME inside!

To handle the responsibility of everything therein
I toiled through endless days and nights akin
to meet the ends, so that we could live in dignity
the ride was never smooth, it was bleak and bouncy!

I faced adversities, challenges n' crisis on my own
the feelings I felt, I buried them in the unknowns
not minding even once the exaction or the dents
the sacrifices, the wounds and the heart's descent!

I slogged through years to see you smile, to fulfill
all that you wanted for to me they were worth while
it kills me within and I find it hard to believe ~
that for all my love, it was deceit that you chose to give!

I wanted you to live your life on a path that was true
a road travelled by only the blessed and chosen few
but you consciously chose to drift, go awry n' astray
you betrayed my trust, what more can I say..??!!

Not that I expected benediction or gratitude in return
I only hoped you hadn't let me down the way you'd done
the signs were showing for long but I chose not to believe
O! how I wish I had believed! I had believed! I had believed!

I let go off you, now, you be what you want to be ~
learn life the hard way for you do not deserve me
I hope you realize your sinful deeds and soon see the LIGHT
take the u-turn for good before your soul feels emptied inside!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Unchained Thoughts

I, no longer want to be enslaved
in any grief of my wounded mind,
I want to seek my life, once again ~
one that's free from all fiend!

I don't want my life to be a parody
akin the soulless that you see everywhere,
I want my free spirit to leave footprints
that will outlast me when I'm not there!

A world free of hurt n' cacophony ~
is where I want to set my ground,
hearts over flowin' with sublime love
n' floatin' mirth is what I want around!

In the depth of emotional wreckage
I let loose all of my mind's despair,
unchaining my thoughts, I set them free
to find their freedom again, in reverie!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


anarchic is the world ~
in which we live-in today
where money has become the master
n' we've become its bonded slaves
where hurts of our past
have made their homes in our heart
where fears of uncertain tepid future
has left, us frenzied gropin' in the dark!

though the journey seems intriguin'
do not succumb to the testin' times
in the end, all will be right
just keep looking for the light
it's the rule of the universe
that after every dusk comes the dawn
the darkest hours in our lives
can only last until the morn'!

when you feel, you're done n' dusted with life
hold onto HOPE to guide you thru' such strife
when the paths seems steep n' hard to climb
HOPE is the balm that will soothe your mind
when trials seem unrelentin' n' shatter your soul
HOPE is the sparkle that will make you feel whole
when tears stream silently down your eyes
in such faces of travesty is where HOPE abides!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Shades of ME

She comes across as a woman ~
who has been chiseled by the realities of life,
Love, happiness, joys; betrayal, loss n' strife,
She is nature's abandoned n' destiny's favorite child;
any incident, now, can incite her enough to withdraw, or
fuel to strike back as a phoenix rising from it's own ashes.

But, this is not who the real she is ~
She is an epitome of innocence n' pure love,
a pristine soul, yearning for real freedom,
from all bondages n' being one with Mother Nature,
for that is where she sets herself completely free,
as she knows that this is the place where she truly belongs.

She is aware she is different, she is unique ~
and, she has variant of shades that make her who she is;
Sunset, twilight, calm lakes, rivers, rains n' seas,
evoke within her, her deeply hidden sensitivities n' dreams,
while soft music enlightens her heart n' mind akin,
and, poetry n' prose give vent to her heartfelt feelings.

A child woman, a lone wanderer in thirst of peace,
simplicity n' true unconditional love is all that she seeks;
It's her strong will that enthrals her to strive,
to create a world that she will call her own;
She might give up at times but she will bounce back,
I know for real that she will do this for that SHE is ME.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rains n’ ME

It's again that time of the year ~
when the usually bright clouds turn murkier,
bringin' in with it the fiery storms
n' the thunderous lightenin' with non-stop rains,
that many of us fear; thanks to the deluge,
that crippled us all, back a few years..!!

BUT it is not always such ~
there are the subtle showers, too,
where every single drop has it's own rhythm
reverberating across the gray sky,
replenishing the thirsty Mother Earth,
to last enough for yet another passin' year..!!

I love the rains, especially the first showers,
when it sends, soft breezes as it's harbinger
n' then as the pitter-patter drops on the parched earth,
it unleashes a pleasant smell that calms my nerves,
sensitisin' every existin' feelin' within me,
while soothin' my soul n' makin' me feel whole..!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pauses in Life

Is my quest for eternal peace n' my callin'
a surreal boundless semblance of a mirage?
is it only me who fears on what the comin' holds?
moments keep movin' time after time
n' with it the unknown unfolds;
Life is meant to be an ongoing journey,
with every second, hour n' day addin' to it,
then why am I being forced by time to pause?

Did I happen to grow up too fast
or was it destiny that blew me apart?
as tears stream down my face,
I'm forced by time to pause ~
to seek sanity in my solitude,
askin' myself the necessary question,
why do I keep slippin' into a vortex?
when my intentions are always right..!!

With every moment that passes, it dawns,
that this too shall be lost in the bracken,
O! why does it have to reminisce of the past,
where I lost the realm of my childhood innocence,
that I still yearn in every livin' moment to overcome,
the trapped feelin' within n' set free,
the true child woman, the real ME.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


as I see, seas of humans ~
walk in endless parades
havin' masked their faces in facades
not knowin' what they are doin'
let alone know what they are talkin'
uncertain of where they are headin'
a classic case of reality checks missin'..!!

when I see them, I feel jolted out of the blues
my mind refuses to wander in their hues
to me they appear weak in their own wills
they think they are forever movin'...
even when their souls are standing still
they behave as if they belong to the knowns
when in true their realms are all unknown..!!

wouldn't life be blissful, if we lived it simple
the way our forefathers generations did for ages
their world was filled n' overflowed in blitheness
but our's is a chaotic world of sheer randomness..!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lost in TIME

In the midst of a crowd, I often wonder,
why do I feel the pangs' of bein' a lone wanderer?
can't avoid this melee, it's a part of my daily grind,
to seek my living n' keep pace with the moving times.

I come across placid faces in different places,
endless wave of unseemingly strange faces,
masking my face with mysterious expressions,
such that no one finds out that my soul is barren.

Will I ever be able to be the real ME?
from the worldy ties, will I ever set myself free?
time speaks for itself, is what I'm told ~
have waited long enough but time is yet to unfold,
how many more seasons will I have to pass?
or, will this remain as such till my last..??

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to being ME...

The journey had been long ~
n' I was feeling lost n' forlorn,
thinking I might not be able to keep afloat,
I tided over to the other side of the shore;
what I saw in that side of the world unnerved me,
such extreme was the vanity n' incongruity,
havin' realized this in it's nascent stage,
I decided to halt no more n' turned around,
before they could destroy me like never before.

Having reached my end ~
it felt like homecoming, for this world is mine,
it belongs to me n' I know the rules of the game here,
not that the perils do not exist but I'm now brave,
I have the will in me to tide over any high or low wave,
in retrospect when I think, it was all about my shaken will
that I'd lost in the midst of sheer chaos n' adversity,
never again will I let my will in me waver,
n' I am NOW firmly back here again forever..!!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chaos or Calm..??

Stepped in a media world...
where chaos is considered calm
n' buck passes are the norm,
where sanity is not to be sought,
n' integral values remain a naught,
where reality checks fail to exist,
n' abstainities is what the new have to seek,
where a range of emotions keep bursting forth
for no rhyme or reason, making you feel soaked,
warring ego's n' emotions here seem the daily grind
grounds to hold the battle is what one has to find.

I try keep intact apart while they attack,
pretending to be strong when I'm yielding inside,

Defenseless, yes...
I need my own shield, if I have to sustain,
to do a real clean sweep n' set it in place,
I thought I had few souls to rely on,
but in no frigging time, they all let me down.

I cannot align with this fetid realm,
there is so much conflict going on in my mind,
should I leave this world n' start anew,
deep within, I don't want to give up so soon..!!

If chaos is outside, would calmness be within?
Will I be able to set order in this world that is sinned?
I know it ain't easy, for this is a world of bucksin,
but, I will put in my heart out in cent percent,
before I force myself to rethink n' call it THE END.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I will go my own way...

I wanted to go my way, but
my destiny took me the other way..!!

When I halted to make sense of my life ~
I realized, I had let my destiny,
yield me, control me, manoeuvre me,
where though the paths chosen were of my will,
at every breaking point, I was standing still;
enroute a journey that had no destination,
separating myself from my world of dreams,
tears remniscing the memories of a troubled past,
wondering what had I done to deserve such life?
where I was losing myself in a self-destructing world,
and, breathing even when my soul wasn't with me,
O! why was I living, when nothing within me was alive?

When, I heard the whisper within me that urged me ~
to write my own tale, inked with my own will,
I've decided to fight back n' take control of my life,
tread a path that has a destination n' an horizon,
holding onto everything that will keep me moving,
towards the light that will lit the profound dark,
leaving my footprints that will never be erased,
into a world of my own dreams that belong to me,
filled with love, halos and stars, all glowing;
living a life that will be worth my living,
where my heart will be in sync with my soul,
and, I will once again feel, I am whole!

Yes, I will go my own way, and
so, will my destiny follow me the same way..!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Worlds Apart...

Enroute this journey of life...
through the concrete jungle, lands,
mountains, rivers n' terrains,
through the sunrise, sunset n' twilights,
in situations favourable n' unfavourable,
trying to meet the daily needs, while
fighting against the odds for survival,
handling the egos n' the attitudes,
sifting the real from the surreal,
all this while still being connected
to the earthy elements n' values inherent
is the world to which I belong today!

Yet, I dream of belonging to a blissful world ~
that is liberated from the chaos n' ordeals,
enriched in the reverie of the misty ethereals,
with an essence of humanity n' bonding,
enshrined in love, mesmerized in peace,
drifting from breeze to breeze to breeze,
sitting quietly on the rocks by the calm seas,
under the full moon n' the star lit dark sky,
with soft music of nature whispering in my ears
offering me the much needed respite n' solace.

Oh! how I wish such a world did exist ~
for this is just the place where I want to belong,
but, I know it's all a wishful dream, and
that they are two WORLDS apart...