Monday, September 15, 2008

Cloud drift...

tired of the hard day that I left behind
I sat through my journey with a hazy mind
I wanted to drift away from the day-to-day grind
when my sights got arrested by the cloudy bind

echoing silence from the bluish white isle
a visual treat that few brushes could style
O! what a difference from the chaotic earth
translucent effervescence floating in mirth

sun setting beneath rushes of rain swept clouds
moon standing tall aside wavelets of river troughs
realm of universe in this cloud lined comb
relaxed like a child in a mothers womb

dancing and galloping and flying
drifting enroute and rejoining
sparkling in dusky glow so lustrous
singing a song in a tone so wondrous

creating a powerful melody

that strung in harmony
unparalleled on -
The Planet Earth

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Live LIFE...

The stars gaze at you from the benevolent sky
The trees watch you through their eyes, don't they??
The river keeps flowing all the while
and still is new from the start to the end,
yet it askance, why do you look at me?
is it to see a reflection of yonder
or to introspect or dwell??
A set of tomorrows are all lined up
Some bigger & clearer than the rest
who keep getting smaller farther away;
but they all seem to be echoing
Just ONE thought -
Behold… We See You, We are Coming!!

Stand Up. Be Bold. Be Strong.
Make your own future.

Take the responsibility on your shoulders
Know that you are the creator of your own destiny
Which is a matter of your choice and not chance!!
All the strength and succor you want -
Lies within yourself.

Caress every moment conscientiously
Live LIFE, it’s splendid, it’s beautiful!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I will always be here

If ever you need to talk,
Or, if ever you need some cheer,
Remember you have a friend in me -- who will always be here.

I am one who doesn't want a lot;
I only want to see you smile;
I want to see you happy n' cheerful all the while;
And for this I'll walk that proverbial mile.

For you know how much I care
and how much you mean to me -
So, no matter what you do
and how much we squabble,
You'll always find me there for you;
To give you the push when you are feeling blue.

There is a saying that goes:
"You don't have to show affection in words, because even through the silences - respect, love and affection gets heard."

So -
There may be times, when I may not express,
There may be times, when I'm sullen n quiet,
Do not misunderstand my silence then -
For know that I have retracted
To my shell due to circumstances uncontrolled,
Endeavoring to seek solace
In thinking back of the times that we've had -
The messages of our friendship and promises exchanged,
Through the healing words of comfort, hope and understanding shared.

Hear me out my dear F R I E N D whilst I am expressing this to you,
The feelings that I hold for you are genuine & true.
So -If ever you need to talk,
Or, if ever you need some cheer,
Remember you have a friend in me -- who will always be here.