Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Undying HOPE...

when they first crossed their paths
they knew that they had given each other
a special place in their hearts
from strangers to friends, their journey was short
for their bonding was strong, right from the start!!

he made her feel special
and called her an angel
she helped him realize his dreams
and gave him back his self-esteem
though they talked endlessly, they never met
yet, this was something they never regretted
till, one fine day...
when he disappeared from her life
without uttering any good byes
just as he had come, he had gone away
leaving her wondering what led things astray
she cried n' cried over the void he had left
she found no answers n' moved on bereft!!

years passed and, again, one day...
he returned as if he had never gone away
she asked nothing and accepted him back
and together they continued the journey of life
he set the child-woman in her free
all he craved for was her company
together, they dreamt new dreams
and this time around, they promised to meet
but this was not how it was meant to be
such cruel was their destiny!!

time compelled them to travel different paths
even when they yearned for each other
they were forced to live, anonymously, apart
she did not know what to make of her strife
whether to accept him as an anam cara
or a traveler in her life?
for what had happened once had recurred, again
and deep in her heart she was numbed with pain
yet, she longed for him to come around
so, she kept her faith alive and her will strong
she prayed that when they meet again
which she hoped that they will
all that was there, would be there still...