Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't give in...

In this world, you'll find ~
love, hate, bliss, peace, chaos, serenity
don't give in when you find yourself alone
for there's an angel out there watching you
don't give in when you've tried, and
it hasn't worked for you; just be patient
don't give in when you feel emotionless
all your emotions are subdued inside you
don't give in when you're at crossroads
every path has a lot in it's fold to show
don't give in to the stormy nights
instead adjust your sails n' continue
don't give in when you keep stumbling
rise again more determined n' stronger
don't give in to the trying times
rather surge ahead armed with HOPE
don't given in to the dark nights 
for they in actual parlance are tests for us
to see whether we can light the path ahead 
from the inner light of the soul within us..!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Soul Search

Masking the embitterment
that was ripping 
my heart apart
beyond any cognizance
of all that I thought
I was and I was not.

I was existing, and

yet not existing
perplexed with the ongoings
in which I was being consumed
when all I wanted was 
to be left alone.

Inveigled actions around

where overwhelming me
in a pool of emotions
that hurt and bled
till there was
nothing left.

Why O' Why..??

was I getting trappped as such
when all I sought was
the definition of "I"
to understand what comprehended
the soul of my life.

Blood, sweat, tears, toil

I gave it my all
till I finally 
found the answers 
of what my soul sought, and
I felt serenity like never before.