Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty of a Woman

She walks elegantly with poise n' grace
the aura around her is austere n' chaste
her beauty isn't in her cosmetic laden face
or her attire with accessories in place!

Her beauty lies in her soft tender eyes
her thoughts in mind so eloquent n' wise
which when she expresses, soothe every mind
precious souls like her are hard to find!

When you are engulfed in the dark night
n' withdraw fearing being the ravens delight
her mere benevolent presence ushers in light
transforming the dark to the glowing bright!

As she caringly connects every human around
softly, serenely with joy, woven in abound
she is an embodiment of true pristine love
she is truly a blessing, a gift from above!

Woman - You're LIFE..!!

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