Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Translucent light flooded my being
acquitting me from a life of servitude 
in a world enveloped by the dark 
freedom from woes that stung
through the days n' the nights
in seemingly endless barbaric acts 
deriding my soul of its very existence!

In a sudden sweep transformation 
my world changed 360 degrees, and
I was set FREE from all bonds of slavery
to be the ME that I so much wanted to be
I, now, no longer had to worry
of emptiness, fear or insecurity, and
all that my destiny held for me!

I thought the insanity was all over
and I did not have to look back ever
till I found my eyes slowly open 
to beads of sweat streaming down my face
my hands clammy from the realization
that all that I saw was a delusional dream
a warm respite from an absurd phase of life!