Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Never say I give up..!!

Never say I give up ~
when your heart says "try once again"
never say I give up ~
when answers are what you seek
never say I give up ~
when you're at your lowest point
never say I give up ~
when you feel you're collapsing inside!

Times change...

a new day ushers in a fresh breath of hope
answers that remain elusive do unfold
just when the time is ripe for you
from the nadir to the zenith is just a climb
depending on the courage n' perseverance 
within you that keep you going as ONE
to fight from every raging tide n' taciturn!

So, never say I give up ~

for life is a journey n' not a destination
where you learn from every highs n' lows
embrace yourself n' set foot even if alone
n' you shall get what you want
for in the end it all depends on your

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