Sunday, March 11, 2012

Silent Admirer

I sit silently observing the soulmate
of my dreams get around the daily life
I wonder what it would feel like ~
to have such a precious soul as a part
of my realm, who has mesmerized me
with an inner beauty that enchants my heart
illuminating me with a special aura forever!

Oh! Soulmate of mine, I hope...
you're aware that I'm captivated
by your demeanour, elegance n' aura
that leave footprints in my heart, each time
your angelic smile flutters thru' your eyes
it raptures me within such that I cannot hide
your silent gaze is what keeps me moving in life!

Oh! Soulmate of mine, I hope...
though we've never spoken, it stings me
every time, I attempt to express my feelings
to you but I fail to muster enough courage
as my body shivers and I feel numbed within
so, I content myself by cherishing the silence
between us, overwhelmed with merely admiring you!

Oh! Soulmate of mine, I hope...
someday you'll understand my true love for you
in its real essence that will hold you spellbound
and protect you thru' all the trying times of life
enticing you to be fascinated in a world of our love
where we will belong to each other forever n' ever
till then, I shall remain as your silent admirer..!!

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