Monday, July 5, 2010

Born Again...

in the sandy sparse desert
her life sought a mirage
but that was not how 'twas to be
like the soaked dried leaves
of autumn, her life swept throu'
in the direction of the wind
when it rained, her life
felt like tear drops
pouring from the very
heart of heaven
since the time she was a child
'twas love that she yearned!

for so long...
she was shrouded in darkness
that she did not realize when 'twas
that the light had seeped within
finally ~
she felt intoxicated
intoxicated with life
for the first time ever
she knew then that
she was born again
it felt in her soul
n' it felt clean within
she then embraced her life
for she had realised
that she was free,
n' she was born again...