Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Holi

Every year as the full moon
in March, cast in all its splendor
glances on the bountiful earth
it sees the evil "Holika" burnt
amongst the pious beliefs
of its true devotees
symbolizing the win
over the devil, and
restoring faith in all of us!

Holi ushers in the festive colors
each having its own meaning
that leave us all enthralled
in an atmosphere of cheer,
love, content n' oneness
as the riot of colors spreads
everywhere with pots full of 'bhang'
that downs all our fears n' worries
n' let's us celebrate in merriment, and
delight, rejoicing the splash of these
vibrant colors that color our drab lives!

May the colors of this special occasion
spread color in the lives of every soul
with happiness, joy, success n' bliss
and, binding us close like never before!

::: HAPPY HOLI :::

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