Thursday, October 30, 2014

Slow down, Amma...

I know Amma, I know that you are stressed
give me sometime to clear all the mess
I know Amma, you've toiled a long while now
leave it to me, to now pull the plow!

Slow down, Amma, you need to rest
Do you even remember when last you lived in zest?
Slow down, Amma, life has been a bitch
we can't help for that's what the premise of life is!

Hear me, Amma, you need sometime for yourself
enough of all the sacrifices, strain n' duress
Hear me, Amma, I want you to live your life
live every moment by your code and enjoy the ride!

In the quest of surviving in the realm, we are in
I focussed on the outset to bring the monies in
little did I realize that time would not wait, and
I've lost most of them now, it's a little too late!

Off whatever is left, I want to give them all to you
let's let our hair loose and get into the groove!

Spend some time with me, Amma
we have so much to talk 
everything else can wait
but this cannot
let's banter, let's chat, or,
in your garden, let's just squat
sing, dance, walk, shop n' hop
let the merriment go on non-stop
the memories that we create, today,
we will cherish forever
along with the umbilical love
that has connected us together!