Monday, June 25, 2012

My Life - My Way

Some say...
Life is a journey, and
not a destination!
Others say...
Life is a book where you need to turn
to a new page to forge ahead!
Rest say...
Life is what we make it,
always has been, always will be!

But, what is Life?
Moments of time clustered together, and
credited to your name for you to live them
to the fullest in this realm n' this lifetime
where you observe, pause, unlearn n' learn anew
as you traverse thru' this journey set for you!

Life offers no controls of ~
Pause, Rewind, Play n' Stop
to get a handle on Life!
What's done is done n' cannot be undone
for it's deeply frozen in time!

So, what do you do..??
You make the most of whatever you know, and
move on  thru' every tide, high n' low, and
thru' every crisis, labyrinths and windfall
juxtaposed with a gamut of sensitizing emotions
till its time for you to rest in your grave
which symbolizes THE END of your journey
with your memorable lifetime, and while you're at it
make sure you say, Oh Holy! What a journey, it’s been!

As for me being on the same plateau ~
Having known n' understood whatever I've known
at this point n' time in my life, I admit…
"Yes, I've made lots of mistakes in my Life
for Life never came with a User's Manual for ME"!!
So, I shall always live... 'My Life - My Way'!!

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