Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lost in TIME

In the midst of a crowd, I often wonder,
why do I feel the pangs' of bein' a lone wanderer?
can't avoid this melee, it's a part of my daily grind,
to seek my living n' keep pace with the moving times.

I come across placid faces in different places,
endless wave of unseemingly strange faces,
masking my face with mysterious expressions,
such that no one finds out that my soul is barren.

Will I ever be able to be the real ME?
from the worldy ties, will I ever set myself free?
time speaks for itself, is what I'm told ~
have waited long enough but time is yet to unfold,
how many more seasons will I have to pass?
or, will this remain as such till my last..??

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back to being ME...

The journey had been long ~
n' I was feeling lost n' forlorn,
thinking I might not be able to keep afloat,
I tided over to the other side of the shore;
what I saw in that side of the world unnerved me,
such extreme was the vanity n' incongruity,
havin' realized this in it's nascent stage,
I decided to halt no more n' turned around,
before they could destroy me like never before.

Having reached my end ~
it felt like homecoming, for this world is mine,
it belongs to me n' I know the rules of the game here,
not that the perils do not exist but I'm now brave,
I have the will in me to tide over any high or low wave,
in retrospect when I think, it was all about my shaken will
that I'd lost in the midst of sheer chaos n' adversity,
never again will I let my will in me waver,
n' I am NOW firmly back here again forever..!!