Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I wanna get lost...

I wanna get lost from my life 
for sometime...
just sit on the side, and 
watch the world go by...

I need some breathing space
it's been too hard on me, off late
I wanna collect myself, and
relook at my fate
it can't go on like this
I have to set things straight..!!

I wanna see life from an observer's eye
for so many questions in my life 
have been unanswered, and
I don't understand why..?!

the mystics of the realm 
that I live-in
leave me spell bound 
and shocked akin
it has been quite sometime
since my head's been on a spin
I want them all to stop now
for I am feeling weighed-in..!!

I don't see how else can I
regain the control on my steer
if I don't understand
what led me here...
the only way out 
is for me to get lost
so, I wanna get lost,
I, just, wanna get lost...