Friday, May 4, 2012

Soul Search

Masking the embitterment
that was ripping 
my heart apart
beyond any cognizance
of all that I thought
I was and I was not.

I was existing, and

yet not existing
perplexed with the ongoings
in which I was being consumed
when all I wanted was 
to be left alone.

Inveigled actions around

where overwhelming me
in a pool of emotions
that hurt and bled
till there was
nothing left.

Why O' Why..??

was I getting trappped as such
when all I sought was
the definition of "I"
to understand what comprehended
the soul of my life.

Blood, sweat, tears, toil

I gave it my all
till I finally 
found the answers 
of what my soul sought, and
I felt serenity like never before.

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