Thursday, February 10, 2011

I will go my own way...

I wanted to go my way, but
my destiny took me the other way..!!

When I halted to make sense of my life ~
I realized, I had let my destiny,
yield me, control me, manoeuvre me,
where though the paths chosen were of my will,
at every breaking point, I was standing still;
enroute a journey that had no destination,
separating myself from my world of dreams,
tears remniscing the memories of a troubled past,
wondering what had I done to deserve such life?
where I was losing myself in a self-destructing world,
and, breathing even when my soul wasn't with me,
O! why was I living, when nothing within me was alive?

When, I heard the whisper within me that urged me ~
to write my own tale, inked with my own will,
I've decided to fight back n' take control of my life,
tread a path that has a destination n' an horizon,
holding onto everything that will keep me moving,
towards the light that will lit the profound dark,
leaving my footprints that will never be erased,
into a world of my own dreams that belong to me,
filled with love, halos and stars, all glowing;
living a life that will be worth my living,
where my heart will be in sync with my soul,
and, I will once again feel, I am whole!

Yes, I will go my own way, and
so, will my destiny follow me the same way..!!