Sunday, November 28, 2010

Silence to Resilience..!!

as I pondered in silence...
my life reeled before me
from when I'd my sensibilities
a myriad of collages, replayed
some clear, some cluttered,
yet, somehow they all mattered!

a journey indeed ~
it's been for me...
from innocence to maturity,
melancholy to serendipity,
seen it all, done it all, and
learnt from every climb n' fall
there were the lows n' the highs
ensembled with the worldly sighs!

awed, stricken, diffident n' disdained
every emotion within me has been raked
been a wreck when filled with void
but have also experienced sheer pride
bouncing back has been a pattern of my life
through every crisis, windfall and strife!

destiny's favorite child, that is me ~
I've accepted it now and set myself free
in the depth of silence, I found the key
resilience, it shall be till eternity!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


it is you who gave me life
n' brought me on this earth
I dedicate my every breath in your name
my life is yours...MY DEAREST MOTHER!!

as a child, you instilled deep values in me
that took me through life's thick n' thin
you taught me prayers n' showed me grace
you wiped clean, my tear stained face

your selfless devotion in raising me
through the ups n' downs of our lives
is something I'll cherish n' never forget
for these are the best memories of my life

the warmth of your beautiful smile
ushers in sunshine in my life
the tender touch of your hand
calms down my disturbed mind

the embalmed in love, hug
comforts n' protects me when hurt
the gentle kiss on my forehead
soothes my frayed nerves n' averts

you've nourished me in every which way
you made ME, the ME I am today!

I am sorry, it took me so long to say ~
this to you my dearest Mother...
I love you more than anyone
it is for you that I live
you are the spirit of my life
I worship you, you are my shrine
I am glad you are mine!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Born Again...

in the sandy sparse desert
her life sought a mirage
but that was not how 'twas to be
like the soaked dried leaves
of autumn, her life swept throu'
in the direction of the wind
when it rained, her life
felt like tear drops
pouring from the very
heart of heaven
since the time she was a child
'twas love that she yearned!

for so long...
she was shrouded in darkness
that she did not realize when 'twas
that the light had seeped within
finally ~
she felt intoxicated
intoxicated with life
for the first time ever
she knew then that
she was born again
it felt in her soul
n' it felt clean within
she then embraced her life
for she had realised
that she was free,
n' she was born again...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


a new dawn, a new beginning
I've set foot on a new inning
it took me real long
to find the place where I belong
n' now that I know ~
I'm seeing the world anew
to the sorrows, I bid adieu
I set myself free
taking control of my destiny
a changed person is what I see
I am glad I found the real ME!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Lingering Moments...

Thru' moments that are lucid n' clear
candid memories which to me endear
reel right before my eyes n' let a whisper
O! the lingering moments of yesteryear...

precious golden leaves of time
when life seemed innocent n' sublime
a moment of silence, a moment of cheer,
a moment of laughter, a moment of tear!

these lingering moments 've captured it all
they usher in love n' keep me enthralled
they drift my mind beyond horizons n' time
into a space that is filled with shine!

I hold them close, they touch my heart
these are memories which I'll never part
be it today, tomorrow or the day after -
I'll cherish 'em as my priceless treasure!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lost Innocence

a sparkle, a sunshine, a glowing light,
she came across as a harbringer of life

her spirit, her dreams were her pride
she expressed it all with nothing to hide

tears of hurt often stream down her face
as she remnisces of all that took place

when the child within her left her side
her careless whispers were buried inside

she fought, she cried, she plead, she riled
till all that was her unseemingly died

what they did to her, consumed her soul
her heart fragmented, will never be whole

an epitome of innocence was reduced to ash
such was her destiny that unfolded abashed

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's time...

when hurt, hurt me deeply
I surrendered to fate meekly
wounded, scathed, alone in the dark
I faced reality that was stark
tangled emotions, I couldn't untie
I stayed back rooted, when time flew by!

it's said after chaos comes order
and after night comes dawn
even the darkest hours of night
last only until the morn!

I'll smile again tomorrow
though I am crying now
I know I'll find my will again
for it's time for me to move on!

it's time, I get up n' get out
it's time, I set myself free
it's time, I learn to live
it's time, I be ME!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


She writes often of darkness n' of gloom
it seems in her garden never a flower bloomed
She walks with her smile so full of sunshine
n' regales in mirth e'en when pain inclines
She has been hurt deep, her wound is raw
lone battles she has fought, without thaw
She has tucked away all her dreams somewhere
n' has embraced cold solitude, in despair
She is rooted to ground with her wings unborn
it is not wrong, if she feels lost n' forlorn
She has been mortified, without any fault
in vain have been all her attempts to exalt

Thru' endless years, she's been seeking love
will the heavenly grace on her bestow?
Melancholia it is for now it seems -
wish 'twas untrue, wish 'twas her dream!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Friendship rare...

We share a friendship that's special
which is unique, precious n' vestal

I remember how it all started
how instantly we felt light-hearted

how our bond strengthened each day
how we grew fonder in every way

When life's trials hurt us inside
in each other's shoulders we've cried

The darkest secrets we never had to hide
in each other's achievement we took pride

Even thru' our silence we expressed care
it's rightly said true friendship is rare

As the days n' months rolled into years
we've had our joys, tears and sneers

We've been thru so much together
thru' thick n' thin we've had each other

Embalmed in love, such is our bind
the relation we share is rare to find!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost Realm

I feel at times
I am not me
Who can it be;
If I am not me?

I feel at times
my realm, I seek
If it isn't with me;
Where else can it be?

I feel at times
I wanna break free
Am I so bound;
that I cannot break free?

As I seek to find
what's my true
I walk under skies
gray n' blue

I see, I hear,
I touch, I feel
I sift the unreal
from the real

Boundless and bare
lies my realm there
Where fear is a myth
and hatred a rare

The day I leave
all my pains behind
my true purpose in life
I will surely find

Monday, February 1, 2010

I Forgive You...

Deny as you may, all that you've done
truth is that you left me abandoned
you had your face masked in disguise
your path was laden with betrayal n' lies!

You hurt me lots, you caused me pain
you got my tears all out n' drained
you were the reason for my agony
What you did was indeed blasphemy!

I was trapped inside, I felt numb around
I felt I was shattering without any sound
I wanted to yell, I wanted to cry
I didn't know on whom I could rely!

Yet there was something that was true
I felt deep within that I owed it to you
all the happiness and all the love
God sent you were to me from above!

I've no hard feelings now not any more
havin' shed the baggage, I now feel whole
my anger over time has been assuaged
I will no longer live my life enraged!

I hope you learn from what you've done
I pray you do not do it with anyone
I have finally seen it all through you
Yet...I Forgive you! I Forgive you!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ethereal Moments

On invisible wings against the winds
I take flight into the heavenly delight
with moments of enchantment adorning life
like the misty hues amidst the hazy white
drawing inspiration from the vast expanse
the universe rejoicing in an eternal dance

Of halos and beauty that is rare
a miracle it is beyond compare
an echelon of stars that are glowing
in a deeper sense of bonding
and a growing sense of love
all woven together, to be held in awe

Should I break this spell or let it be?
Should I fade back into the reality?
No, I love these ethereal moments
they set me free;
I do not want to be ~
pulled out from this reverie!