Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As a tear drops from my eye
I feel the angiush deep inside
as it surges it harkens back in time 
over the carefree moments, now lost
as a strange silence breaks my thoughts
abstract collages clutter my mind
I feel trapped within my own confines
in the reflections of darkness, I repine
I can't stop crying; I let them flow
for my grief stricken heart is hollow
I know something within me has died
that I am feeling empty, I can't hide
I can't count my wounds; they are too many
I need solace but can't find any!!

I don't know what to do; I can't continue;
I don't wanna live; I wish I could die
all I feel is hurt, all I sense is pain
all that's left are my tears that rain!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Without him...

Life seemed blissful
with my new found love
I thought at last I'd my anchor
n' now I would be safe ashore
walking hand in hand
matching step to step
in the warmth of his love I lived
on his shoulders I careened
I drifted to a new world order
with rosy dreams in splendor
I thought it was all true
that there was life without its rues
till reality jolted me on the inside
when one fine day he left my side
n’ walked away never looking back
without even telling me if he'll comeback!!

I am now feeling empty within
as he has taken my heart n' soul akin
the void he has left cannot be filled
I don’t know now if I will live...

Lost Will

When he said he did not love me anymore
It broke my heart, I could take it no more
He shattered my feelings and left me ashen
He still doesn't know what all he has done

I've lost my will, I've lost my might
I am standing still, I cannot fight!

I realise, all that he said were blatant lies
As tears continuously stream down from my eyes
Yet I hold all of our moments together so tight
As the darkness surrounding me offers no respite

I've lost my will, I've lost my might
I am standing still, I cannot fight!

Embracing solitude when depraved of love
I looked upward towards the sky above
I wondered who's the master controlling my strings?
why life has robbed me off my little things?

I've lost my will, I've lost my might
I am standing still, I cannot fight!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Frozen Love

You! the man of my life
redeemer of my strife
a blessing from above
the soul whom I loved
has now everything destroyed
leaving emptiness and a void

I want to scream and shout
but my words just won't come out
the allegation and accusation
expressed your frustration
the torturous words, hurt
causing tears, that I avert

I thought we were meant for each other
spending the rest of our lives together
but this was not how 'twas meant to be
separate paths were written in our destiny
our footprints, over time will be erased
just like how our memories would fade

we must walk alone now in silence
mulling over our frozen love in obeisance!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Life is calling...

I love the cool breeze
against the silent sea
it makes me feel
as if I am free
my spirits are high
under the blue sky
I do not feel tied down
by the worldly sighs
for once my mind
is not going astray
I feel my troubles
will soon be washed away
I hear my inner voice clear
it's no longer a whisper
my thoughts seem sound
with no conflicts around
I feel content as can be
so blissful is the serenity
this freedom is what
I sought all along
this is the place
to where I belong
I have to set pace
I must not slow down
for my soul is beckoning
n' my Life is calling...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I don't know for how long
has darkness surrounded me
time has flown so fast n' now
it all seems like eternity
I look at the waters of the stream
but find no reflection of the real me
demons unleashed; haunt n' tease
as fears move with a lot of ease
trials keep pouring; there's no stopping
they seem to be testing me endlessly
my head is spinning round n' round
my mind is chaotic with all the sounds
at every crossroad, I lose my way
O! will this ever end some day?

I close my eyes n' I see the gleam
a rainbow of lights or so it seems
as life appears on a new canvas
the splendid colors make me anxious
I enjoy every moment I live here
with peace n' bliss that endear
I yearn for this to be true n' real
but, alas! it's my dream n' it's surreal!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Never at ease

My life's been an expanse of darkness
hurt and agony flowing in boundless
a rampant world, plagued with chaos 
beseeched with voices lacking ethos

as continuing strife, beckoned my life
the vast blackness kept growing inside
as I grew, I lost out on my spark
my will kept fading into the dark

my trapped mind, nobody could see
O! how much I wanted to set it free
I was held up there with nowhere to go
death of a loved one, came as a blow

the innocence, enslaved n' slained
so deeply embedded has been the pain
the fear that lurked deep within
contrived n' usurped my love-in

the uneasiness that set within me
locked my essence for eternity
as the turbulence within refused to cease
I realised I have never been at ease!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Love fell apart...

I did not leave love,
'twas love that left me!

I thought our love was strong
how then did everythin' go so wrong?
our love seemed blithe n' all was right
but as it grew bandy, it shattered me
it left me alone with sorrow n' pain
O! how could our love be so vain

I did not leave love,
'twas love that left me!

you were mine n' meant to stay
why then my love, did you go away?
with you, you took away our dreams
our world, our joy n' all the gleams
the anger, the despair n' the darkness
tears flow down in streams now endless

I did not leave love,
'twas love that left me!

it's hurting a lot within
but I will not let it show
how much I loved him 
he will never ever know
for when he did depart
our love fell apart

I did not leave love, 
'twas love that broke my heart!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Endless Journey

I heard the voice inside that said ~
"You'll seek what you want in the end"
I thought I then knew what I had to do
So I started traversing on paths anew
on the roads that were less taken
not meant for the crest-fallen
I continued on my stride
even when the winds pried
keepin' my spirits alive
o'er the raging tide
reprising the only voice
that I heard inside
I strode deeper and deeper
determined to reach sooner
I dabbled over my choices
aimed at a central quest
to seek the end n' define the "I"
to sieve the truth from the lie
I continued to wander across the lands
thru' the mystifying n' changing sands
I did this for many many years
letting my hope cast away my fears
but at the twists n' turns of the alley
serendipity paved way for melancholy
as I reached the peak of my journey
my virtues got chained
I saw that the mysteries of nature
were rife with rules insane
the voice that I heard initially
lost clarity n' was strained
at last I realised that all that I sought
'twas all only in my thoughts
for the journey had no end
as there was no end to the road
my pursuit was a tryst
as the end did not exist!!