Friday, January 20, 2012

Transient Thoughts...

Transient thoughts
breeze through the mind
with the cold frigid air
brushing across my face
calming my unquiet mind
whispering in my heart
ephemeral emotions of
love, hate, solitude, hope
blending them together
leaving my heart unsteady
frangible n' vulnerable..!!

The dusk to dawn theory
doesn't fit in, somehow
for each day browbeats
the yesterday creating mayhem
n' flits away with a
promise of a better tomorrow
Where then is the today
if it is caught in transition
between both these days..?!

Is it all a fabrication
of an over active mind
or, maybe a simply fictitious
affair with nothing as such
but the yearning of the heart
to seek solace, bliss n' love
in the midst of
chaos n’ profound pain
if not true, then

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