Friday, December 12, 2014


she lay trapped between the sands of time
warped in a shell that was marooned and still
having recently understood the fragility of life
a finding that left her deprived of her will

emotionally detached, she dwelled deep within
to know how it felt beneath her skin
she discovered the tangled remains of her heart
along with a battered body that was ripped apart

having realized that she had given it all
with nothing more left that she could give
stripped off all her energy, she stood bereft
seeking herself a reason to live

metamorphosed by all that was delivered to her
battling the chaos inside and out
in search of calm, she took a new stance
and decided to give her life a second chance

eager to rise from the shadows of the dark

onward she marched on the journey she had embarked
floating across celestial time and space
trying to figure out she belonged to which place

she immersed in deep seas of emotions
reaching depths untouched before
searching hard all the while
for an antidote for her parched soul

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Slow down, Amma...

I know Amma, I know that you are stressed
give me sometime to clear all the mess
I know Amma, you've toiled a long while now
leave it to me, to now pull the plow!

Slow down, Amma, you need to rest
Do you even remember when last you lived in zest?
Slow down, Amma, life has been a bitch
we can't help for that's what the premise of life is!

Hear me, Amma, you need sometime for yourself
enough of all the sacrifices, strain n' duress
Hear me, Amma, I want you to live your life
live every moment by your code and enjoy the ride!

In the quest of surviving in the realm, we are in
I focussed on the outset to bring the monies in
little did I realize that time would not wait, and
I've lost most of them now, it's a little too late!

Off whatever is left, I want to give them all to you
let's let our hair loose and get into the groove!

Spend some time with me, Amma
we have so much to talk 
everything else can wait
but this cannot
let's banter, let's chat, or,
in your garden, let's just squat
sing, dance, walk, shop n' hop
let the merriment go on non-stop
the memories that we create, today,
we will cherish forever
along with the umbilical love
that has connected us together!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I wanna get lost...

I wanna get lost from my life 
for sometime...
just sit on the side, and 
watch the world go by...

I need some breathing space
it's been too hard on me, off late
I wanna collect myself, and
relook at my fate
it can't go on like this
I have to set things straight..!!

I wanna see life from an observer's eye
for so many questions in my life 
have been unanswered, and
I don't understand why..?!

the mystics of the realm 
that I live-in
leave me spell bound 
and shocked akin
it has been quite sometime
since my head's been on a spin
I want them all to stop now
for I am feeling weighed-in..!!

I don't see how else can I
regain the control on my steer
if I don't understand
what led me here...
the only way out 
is for me to get lost
so, I wanna get lost,
I, just, wanna get lost...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reflections by the Moonlight

as I sat by the banks of the river
under the vivid moonlight;
I saw different reflections of me
the first being the person who I had become
others, a reflect of who I wanted to be
and the rest, a reflect of the soul within me
what was real? the person whom I saw, or
a direct reflection of my soul..??!!

why did it take the moonlight reflection
to unveil this reality of life, to me
was I living in denial all along?
under the resplendent moonlight
that engulfed everything around me
I saw the distinctive profiles within ME
stretched across and over the shore line,
in bits n' pieces, which left me pondering ~
how many different lives was I living?

trapped between the wants, illusions n' reality
I was torn between them like never before
a reflect here, a reflect there, a reflect everywhere
I wanted all of them...
to be united as ONE in entirety
as it was these pieces of reflection
which when coalesced, reflected in true essence
the person, the soul that was the real ME..!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


dislocated within
she did not know, whether
she was fighting it all
or giving in
to the warped time
that had shrouded her
powerless, emotionless
she did not know, whether
it should have mattered at all
or have been overlooked upon
as all that had happened
had wrecked her heart
and numbed her mind
the endless tirade
had rummaged her bind
she could no longer relate
with the world around
she felt misplaced here
she felt UnBelonged..!!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Little Girl

as she slowly wiped the tears 
streaming down her eyes
she looked in the mirror
but could not recognize 
as who she was seeing
was someone she did not identify
dead eyes, lost smile, and
an expression that was dauntingly cold 
loudly she wondered, 
"What did her life, today, behold?"
where was the little girl
who knew who she wanted to become
why had she let life take its toll
and become "Who she had become?"
there were no answers 
to her who, what, when and why
she knew she had to do something 
to get back the spirit of her life
she knelt down to collect
a fistful of golden sand
that gleamed like hope
in the centre of her hand
she took a deep breath, and 
softly whispered to the Universe
I am blowing away the miseries
and the shackles binding me
let me be the little girl I was
let me be the spirited ME..!!