Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Deep in Stillness

On the outset ~
she appears stoned, numbed
with a blanked out mind
but this isn't the truth
she is deep in stillness
with an unusual calm within
that has embraced her wholly
so much that the chaos outside
can't touch her even remotely
such is the depth n' power
of her profound silence
that has got matured into stillness
she seems to have mastered the art
of controlling all her emotions
such that her true feelings
no longer feel as feelings
yet they are all existing
within the tomb of her soul
where she has laid them all in
akin to her innocent dreams
to take it along with her
when the unsullied virgin
white light will guide her
to shed her body on earth to leave
for heavenly abode, letting her take
with her only her pristine soul..!!

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