Friday, March 6, 2009

Somebody's Me!

Somebody is lonely
Somebody in deep sea
Somebody wants to keep every fear at bay!

Somebody can see
Somebody hears me
Somebody feels me every single day!

That Somebody's Me;
That Somebody's Me!!

Somebody is out there

Somebody in despair
Somebody needs one to care in every way!

Somebody is forthright
Somebody sees light
Sombody frees the soul into a colorful ray!

That Somebody's Me;
That Somebody's Me!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Unquiet Mind

An unquiet mind
is of the salient kind
trapped in
mania n' asinine
ballistic efforts
juxtaposed with
malignant thoughts n'
unchecked exuberance
causing skepticism
troubled dreams n'
fallible endeavors
forever drowning in
faded eclectic lines

In the flashing
revelations of
the mind's
wonderful fire
also lie the
sky borne ideas
triggered from an
astringent intellect
creating a plausible
enterprise with
frenzied enthusiasm
n' gravitas

every fury, pain
qualm n' joy
every high, low
mood n' sigh
that can be
felt with certainty
by the inner
of a human soul
lie within the expanse
of this very
unquiet mind!!