Monday, December 29, 2008

Once in a while...

The many things that you've done,
n' all the times that you've been there,
help me know deep down inside -
How much you really do care!!

You are amongst the one -
Whom I can look upto trust always,
For you are wise enough to advise,
On the finer and crucial, nuances of life.

You are lovable, adorable
and so much fun;
You are just you, and
Like you there's none!!

I want you to know -
and hope that you can see,
that you're a very special soul,
whom God has shared with me;
and amply blessed is the way I feel,
for having someone like you in real!!

It's only -
Once in a while that we find someone,
who's there with you right from the start,
And, it's only -
Once in a while, the relation feels so true,
that you know it would last a lifetime through!!

I know this really happens only once in a while,
for it happened just once between me & you.

P.S: Dedicated to my dearest Mom!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I dont know ...

I dont know, why I feel this -
But, it often comes to my mind,
That life is a search for...
A treasure of some kind.

I dont know, if I am right -
In saying this to thee,
But be grateful to thy Alma Mater,
Wherever you may be.

I dont know, how should I express -
But, this is all I can say,
That LOVE is the element...
Which protects you in every way.

I dont know, why I feel this -
But, it often comes to my mind,
That happiness lies within you...
You only have to find.

Elders say...

I'd often heard my elders say,
"Its a big bad world" - where you have to find your way !!

Young as I was happy n' gay,
To me it all meant a child's play;
Ignoring what the elders had to say,
I treaded to live life my way;
Endeavoring on everything that I could lay,
Blending with music, I swayed away;
With sunshine galore, I made all the hay,
Trusting every soul, I drifted away.

Little did I know that someday,
Knocking at my door, would come doomsday;
And my trusted aides would keep me at bay,
'coz today I needed them, it wasn't the other way.

Realization dawned on me, only when life went astray,
Now, I realized what elders meant in their say;
"Its a big bad world" - where you have to find your way !!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Wishes...

Once in a while, we meet SOMEONE -
Who makes us feel so good,
Who really seems to understand us,
In a way very few people could.

You share with me my adventures,
Laughter, fear, sorrows and pranks,
You always stand by me when I need YOU,
And, in return never expect any THANKS.

A year of fun and happiness, is our b’day wish for you
You are our Someone Special n’ your b’day should be too!!

Happy Birthday to you
A friendtoo good to be true
Perfect soul, I wish you joy
Pride in all that you do
Youthful life, knowledge enroute

Blessings from above too
Immense pleasure n' happiness
Risin' career, aglow with success
Tears, fears n' cries at bay
Horizons new to explore everyday
Destiny laying the path for you
Almighty guiding your decisions through
Yielding a journey that's memorable for you

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day !!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life... a blackhole!

Life is like a blackhole
once you get into it
you cant get out
you get sucked into it
deeper and deep
no one augurs you
of what's gonna come
the future seems
bleaker and bleak

Life offers no secrets

expresses no sympathy
engulfs you in mirthless sweep
exacts your endurance
questions your beliefs
derides you in the hours of grief

Wake up!

bellow back
before it consumes you

and destroys you
on your eternal conquest
wipe your tears
embrace the light
march to peace
take your flight
Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!