Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Reflections by the Moonlight

as I sat by the banks of the river
under the vivid moonlight;
I saw different reflections of me
the first being the person who I had become
others, a reflect of who I wanted to be
and the rest, a reflect of the soul within me
what was real? the person whom I saw, or
a direct reflection of my soul..??!!

why did it take the moonlight reflection
to unveil this reality of life, to me
was I living in denial all along?
under the resplendent moonlight
that engulfed everything around me
I saw the distinctive profiles within ME
stretched across and over the shore line,
in bits n' pieces, which left me pondering ~
how many different lives was I living?

trapped between the wants, illusions n' reality
I was torn between them like never before
a reflect here, a reflect there, a reflect everywhere
I wanted all of them...
to be united as ONE in entirety
as it was these pieces of reflection
which when coalesced, reflected in true essence
the person, the soul that was the real ME..!!