Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moments Of Life

many moments in my life
passed through by
some were told,
many remained untold
season after season
one after one they
never remained still
and continued to grow

they are a part of me
these moments of my life
they transcend space and time
and stand unified yet diverse
in their very nature
leaving pearls of wisdom
as their footprints
strung to each other
tracing my journey of life

seasons change but
they continue to flow
I reach out to them
to know more and more
to be able to sift
the surreal from the whole
as these passing moments
embellish and kinder my soul
I am eager to reach to
the other end of the shore

not a day not an hour
not a second is spared
the canvas holds in it
every color of life
like the meadows that
are lively and wild
painted vividly by
the hands of the unseen
a picture that reveals
the story that's -

Thursday, October 9, 2008

For You I'll Always Be here...

When the sun fails to rise and
the darkness continues to stare
Remember then, my dear,
For You I'll Always Be here...

When sleep evades you and
your dreams make you fear
Close your eyes and listen
you will hear my whispers clear

When you feel alone and
your eyes shed a tear
Look within you to find my warmth
and presence that shall seem so near

When the songs you love, halt
and do not play music in your ears
Unlock the doors of your heart to
Set the thoughts free for you to hear

When you think I am gone away
and wish for me here -
Remember one thing, my dear that
For You I'll Always Be here.

I lead Three Musketeers

I lead three musketeers...
Who run my!!
Their names are Swati, Sweta and Moumita
Known better as - Why and How and O! No...

They uncannily tend to lose out their way
And I got to reign their philandering sway
They have mastered the art of going astray
And I got to pull them on track, come what may!!

My three honest serving-babes -
Are different folks with different views?
Who always fret, fume an' shirk
At an hour's extra work

I push them each time they hesitate
I hit the red buzzer when they falter
But, I pat them after every successful work
Cheering with zest, hugs & laughter!!

They embark upon each day armed with zeal
A Master-Ash Blast and they skip their meal.
To resolve crisis of seemingly endless dearth
TOGETHER as a TEAM - move heaven, hell or earth!!

They toil diligently from ten-to-eight
Past days, hours, minutes and seconds
Through the breakfast, lunch and coffee-breaks,
Only after their content uploads, do they set to rest.

I lead three musketeers...
Who are the life and soul
Of my !!

To them, I take this time to say
"Thanks" for all that they do and have done,
And I hope that they know -I love & care for them more than anyone!!

P.S: Dedicated to my three musketeers - Swati, Sweta & Moumita