Friday, July 25, 2008

Be Merry!!

Here we are all by day, by night
hurled and ushered by dreams

Not to one but several worlds
So, Be merry!!
Drink & Laugh & Cry & Sigh

Dance with love,
the midnight through -
For tomorrow, we all shall DIE
But, alas we never do!!

Melodies of Life

Starting life on a melodious note
I know not when I missed a beat
Suddenly there was no rhythm
and the lilting music was gone
Away with it went my days
when I whiled away my time
Building castles in the air
and swinging in rhyme
Dwelling in my own world
which was full of Love
With a smooth road below me
and a lovely sky above

Suddenly life outgrew me
reasons that I could not see
Life could then never be swell
as nothing seemed to go awell
It's then here that I realized
That my life had lost its rhythm
& the melody in its voice.