Thursday, June 7, 2012


Why is it that when we face a crossroad?
our mind comes to a standstill, and
the obscurity of the situation, further
makes taking a call seem like a task uphill!

It's true that some roads lead us to
success, happiness, peace n' bliss, but
it's also true that some roads lead us to
failure, defeat n' sadness strewn amiss!

One cannot remain standing forever
not wanting to surge ahead, out of fear
some road will have to be chosen n’ undertaken
so what if the journey at the onset appears murkier!

Like an enthralled sojourner, choose the road
where your heart n' mind guide you to, and
if you feel enroute that this isn't the one,
just take a U back for the next road n' continue!

In the realm of unknown, lie the answers
to all that you want to seek n' know
you have to learn to obey n’ listen to nature
as it teaches on the way, but first you've to go!

Tune in your mind n' raise up your eyes
to overcome the plight that's anguishing you
every crossroad has some learning for you to imbue
replenished with the beauty that surrounds you!

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