Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunset of her Life

As she walked towards the sunset of her life
her life reeled before her from the time
she had her senses in place, to comprehend
the finer nuances of life n' its mysteries
that regaled her initially n' then amused her
with it's reality that seemed less whimsical
n' more daunting as moments n' years passed by!

Her life that once seemed bright n' colorful
with the radiance of joy n' energy, exuberated
by the innocence of having been a child
followed by the enthusiasm of the youth
but as mid-life seeped in, it usurped em all
with the verve diminishing as the absurdity
of the real life finally seeped within her!

She realised the farceness of the world
she lived in n' the people who surrounded her
her mind, spirit n' soul after years of conflict
had now become ONE after sifting from life
the unreal, surreal, ethereal n' real;
with grace in her heart, she accepted em all, and
elegantly walked towards the sunset of her life!

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