Monday, July 27, 2009

A Special One...

June' 09 -
A month back from today ...
I found a special SOMEONE
or maybe he found me
or was it fate ordained, chance or destiny?
pre-destination that may be called in any name
it feels like an act destined
at time's beginning
an unseen to be seen
when it was meant to be

It’s something I'll never know
it doesn’t matter now -
for the bond has been
nurtured to be very strong

So much of him I like & adore
his gentle expression 
sealed with warmth
his witty humor n' impressive intellect
cast in a honest face
and an ever-ready smile 
flashed through concerned eyes

Our relation is special to me in so many ways
that it cannot be so easily defined
but know that -
it means the WORLD to me
to have known and bonded with him
incised with hope & true care
counting the days and hours we spend together
cherishing them in memory to live for ever...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soul Redeemer

The world looked at me through shattered glass
piercing at my every body part
steadily hurting but never quite knowing
that the pain within me was growing
everything moved and continued to move
everthing transformed and continued to transform
the entire surrounding was caving in on me
with every passing moment, rising my agony
my soul though captured, yearned to set free
the mere thought of which seemed blasphemy
the light that I saw was from the dead stars
the new born ones were miles apart
such was the paradox of my life
that my fractured soul sought to know
what was it that it had done
for not finding love in abandon

To each one is obliged a soulmate I was told
and so he came across as the restorer of my soul
he healed my heart and set it free
he muted the forces that were oppresssing me
he brought in with him an oppurtune for my rebirth
I sought solace in him; he gave me back my earth

My light, love, inspiration
with you, my soul has been redeemed
I am no longer simply existing
at long last, I have started living!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

feeling low

my head's spinning around 
with a whirlwind of memories
my spirits seem to have sunken down
devoid n' deplete of all energies
I want these moments to be lost in time
like the tears in the rain
O! how I wish I could experience peace
without embracing the pains
I want to escape from this abyss
but I don't know where to go
I want to tide over these emotions
but I don't know what to do
I am feeling low is all I know
my heart is feeling blue!

Friday, July 10, 2009

You hurt me...

I thought we were bonded in love,
on the very premise of trust,
but I know now ~
it wasn't the same for you
and so my heart you hurt !

you promised me you would care,
you said you wouldn't hurt ever,
n' I took it all as gospel ~
but my life you turned it hell !

when you said you had
not yet made up ya mind
were all the true love
claims of yours asinine?

behind my back with my friend
you tried to connive
and made me look like a fool
was I a real dumb lass to confide
n' share it all with you?

your tacit denial of our relation ~
broke my heart and shattered my dreams,
they took me back to the world I bequeathed,
a place filled with my tears, fears and screams !

I looked back to see if I'd faltered,
or done something to seed ya thoughts,
I found out I had done nothing as such
n' it was ya wile that got us to lurch !

do you know that here I am crying
shedding tear drops for someone like you?
for all your promises of not hurting me
remain baseless and untrue !

I know that you'll never change,
I am feeling trapped within a maze,
I don't know if I can take
it all in my stride..??
for truth remains unscathed ~
that you have hurt me and my pride..!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Never Alone!

I read your thoughts 
in the morn when I first awake
I feel you are with me
in every step that I take

I miss you not being around
from the first breath that I took
but since you stepped in my life
for love I never had to look

The close bond that we have shared
from our first encounter with each other
will take us through the miles
in our journey together

Although we are spread apart
we look at the same sky above
none amidst us is ever alone
we are wrapped as one in our love

Friday, July 3, 2009

You are "The One"

Fate, finally has been kind
after such a long time
as it blessed me with thine
n' destined you for me
I know YOU are "The One"
yes, my love, you are mine!

I have always needed you
n' now, that I have you by my side
do hold my hand n' lead me away
into your world, abode your place
n' chase away my fears n' doubts
as you wipe the tears off my face

I need you to take me off my past
n' heal my shattered soul n' heart
after all the trials that I have had
I hope together, we remain glad
God, sent you as my angel from above
I promise, I shall once again learn to love

I can feel my heart open again
I know it's opening only for you
just come in, and love me lots
that's all I want you to do
as my mind wonders n' heart beats
I realize, I'm nothing without you

you are the one who makes me whole
you have deeply touched my soul
I've made you, now, my reason to live
All of myself, to you, I give
you are my world, you are my heart
now, I cannot live, with you apart!

Lost Alone

Lost is my soul
alone am I 
in the shadowless 
dark within myself
surrounded by fears
I scream I yell
but I hear no sound
I shed no tears
I try to take a step
but find no path
its' a bottomless pit
on which I seem 
to have embarked
the only possessor 
of my arcane lore
I feel to my life
there is nothing more
so lost alone am I 
that lonely is my soul
my hearts' a void
a rubble of 
mirthless beats 
that keep me alive 
even when 
I'm dead meat