Friday, July 6, 2012

Nature's Fury...

Bombay, July 26, 2005 ~
Her eyes glaring at the non-obeisance
her unrelenting fury on the rising violence
her silent cries ruffled by the aberrance
her radiance filled energy striking at humans
in the form of intensified lightning bolts
as a mark of an end of her endured resilience
scathing everything within her vision
such was her anger that she destroyed lives
submerging the city that never slept
shaking earth as she kept moving on n' on
leaving indelible emotional scars at every turn
devouring the mark left behind in the minds
of humans by the avalanche n' deluge!

The chaos, wrath, fury took awhile to calm
and 'twas in the queer stillness that it dawned
that Nature to be commanded must first be obeyed
and behind the realm of her wisdom n' benevolence
resides a fierce acerbic unmatched super power
which is best when in its soft demeanour form!

To invoke or soothe this Nature's fury, and
Time's wrath - lies totally unto us…
Let’s together ensure that it will not recur..!!

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