Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Leap of Faith

She was knocked down, she was hurt,
she paused, she withdrew into a shell
it seemed a point of no return for her
she thought she was giving in, finally
but the spirit of her soul kept beckoning
her to bounce back, for surrendering
to the obstacles in her life was not her
she had seen far too many n' survived all
yet, she had reached a point of deep stillness
within her n' it is in this phase of her life
that she found her spark being re-ignited
though she was rooted at ground zero,  
she had no option but to write a new script
to return to the realm that she lived-in
as she surmised her past, present n' future
she understood she had to "Let Go" n' "Move On"
she, further realized that there was something
greater beyond in life's offing's, and
she had to experience them all before she reached 
"THE END" page of her book that held within it 
her journey of life of Ah Wells..!! n' What If's..?!
she stopped trying to bridge the gulf between 
her emotions and the circumstances of her life
and firmly decided to take the LEAP OF FAITH 
it was risky with an uncertain outcome, but
she was prepared to accept whatever be the result
this coming to terms was victory enough for her
she believed the universe would now be with her 
and conspire n' guide her on her renewed journey
exhilarating her soul in mirth n' letting her know
that she was looked upon n' would be taken care of
its with her this firm belief in the LEAP OF FAITH 
that she decided to live her life to the fullest 
from now on with sheer zest, love n' happiness!!

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