Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pauses in Life

Is my quest for eternal peace n' my callin'
a surreal boundless semblance of a mirage?
is it only me who fears on what the comin' holds?
moments keep movin' time after time
n' with it the unknown unfolds;
Life is meant to be an ongoing journey,
with every second, hour n' day addin' to it,
then why am I being forced by time to pause?

Did I happen to grow up too fast
or was it destiny that blew me apart?
as tears stream down my face,
I'm forced by time to pause ~
to seek sanity in my solitude,
askin' myself the necessary question,
why do I keep slippin' into a vortex?
when my intentions are always right..!!

With every moment that passes, it dawns,
that this too shall be lost in the bracken,
O! why does it have to reminisce of the past,
where I lost the realm of my childhood innocence,
that I still yearn in every livin' moment to overcome,
the trapped feelin' within n' set free,
the true child woman, the real ME.