Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We make a difference..!!

Each one of us is here for a purpose
and we need to play our part to the fullest!

What if every drop of water
in the ocean would say,
"I'm just a single drop n' not the ocean"
Would there be an ocean then..??

What if every grain
on the land would say,
"I'm just a single grain n' not the land"
Would there be any land then..??

What if every seed
of a plant would say,
"I'm just a single seed n' not the crop"
Would there be any crop then..??

What if every single note
in music would say
"I'm just a single note n' not the melody"
Would there be any melody then..??

Likewise… it is only when we all do
what we got to do that WE make a difference
to our realm n' complete this WORLD of ours
embalming Mother Nature in all its elements!!

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