Sunday, March 4, 2012

Everyone needs Someone

No matter how much we say ~
we prefer our independence
need space, need privacy
but, truth remains
we all need someone, be it
the poor man in the streets
or the rich in his palace
be it the unknown common man
or the vastly acclaimed star
the greatest need of all our lives
is the need of someone
who fully understands us
and is there with us
through skies gray n' blue
to care, to love, to share
to hold us close or just let us be
who understands our silence
lessens our sorrows, and
doubles our happiness
its unto us to reach out to
such an extended hand in our lives
we all have one, but,
its is we who fail to recognize
the loving kindred spirit,
and deny us the feeling
of being taken care of, and
feeling complete in life..!!

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