Monday, December 29, 2008

Once in a while...

The many things that you've done,
n' all the times that you've been there,
help me know deep down inside -
How much you really do care!!

You are amongst the one -
Whom I can look upto trust always,
For you are wise enough to advise,
On the finer and crucial, nuances of life.

You are lovable, adorable
and so much fun;
You are just you, and
Like you there's none!!

I want you to know -
and hope that you can see,
that you're a very special soul,
whom God has shared with me;
and amply blessed is the way I feel,
for having someone like you in real!!

It's only -
Once in a while that we find someone,
who's there with you right from the start,
And, it's only -
Once in a while, the relation feels so true,
that you know it would last a lifetime through!!

I know this really happens only once in a while,
for it happened just once between me & you.

P.S: Dedicated to my dearest Mom!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I dont know ...

I dont know, why I feel this -
But, it often comes to my mind,
That life is a search for...
A treasure of some kind.

I dont know, if I am right -
In saying this to thee,
But be grateful to thy Alma Mater,
Wherever you may be.

I dont know, how should I express -
But, this is all I can say,
That LOVE is the element...
Which protects you in every way.

I dont know, why I feel this -
But, it often comes to my mind,
That happiness lies within you...
You only have to find.

Elders say...

I'd often heard my elders say,
"Its a big bad world" - where you have to find your way !!

Young as I was happy n' gay,
To me it all meant a child's play;
Ignoring what the elders had to say,
I treaded to live life my way;
Endeavoring on everything that I could lay,
Blending with music, I swayed away;
With sunshine galore, I made all the hay,
Trusting every soul, I drifted away.

Little did I know that someday,
Knocking at my door, would come doomsday;
And my trusted aides would keep me at bay,
'coz today I needed them, it wasn't the other way.

Realization dawned on me, only when life went astray,
Now, I realized what elders meant in their say;
"Its a big bad world" - where you have to find your way !!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Birthday Wishes...

Once in a while, we meet SOMEONE -
Who makes us feel so good,
Who really seems to understand us,
In a way very few people could.

You share with me my adventures,
Laughter, fear, sorrows and pranks,
You always stand by me when I need YOU,
And, in return never expect any THANKS.

A year of fun and happiness, is our b’day wish for you
You are our Someone Special n’ your b’day should be too!!

Happy Birthday to you
A friendtoo good to be true
Perfect soul, I wish you joy
Pride in all that you do
Youthful life, knowledge enroute

Blessings from above too
Immense pleasure n' happiness
Risin' career, aglow with success
Tears, fears n' cries at bay
Horizons new to explore everyday
Destiny laying the path for you
Almighty guiding your decisions through
Yielding a journey that's memorable for you

Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day !!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life... a blackhole!

Life is like a blackhole
once you get into it
you cant get out
you get sucked into it
deeper and deep
no one augurs you
of what's gonna come
the future seems
bleaker and bleak

Life offers no secrets

expresses no sympathy
engulfs you in mirthless sweep
exacts your endurance
questions your beliefs
derides you in the hours of grief

Wake up!

bellow back
before it consumes you

and destroys you
on your eternal conquest
wipe your tears
embrace the light
march to peace
take your flight
Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have it all the time
I see it all the time
Dreams that fly
Dreams that cry
Dreams that are full of joy

Glorious, forlorn, tepid and wild
Ambitious, murky, funny and riled
Enmeshed firmly in a tangled sprawl
Chained, freed, heart-broken and all

I have it all the time
I see it all the time
Dreams that sigh
Dreams that ask why
Dreams that soar high in the sky

My mind wants to interpret
These dreams that are mine
My heart wants to caress
These dreams that are mine
My soul wants to love
These dreams that are mine
I want to fulfill
These dreams that are mine

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moments Of Life

many moments in my life
passed through by
some were told,
many remained untold
season after season
one after one they
never remained still
and continued to grow

they are a part of me
these moments of my life
they transcend space and time
and stand unified yet diverse
in their very nature
leaving pearls of wisdom
as their footprints
strung to each other
tracing my journey of life

seasons change but
they continue to flow
I reach out to them
to know more and more
to be able to sift
the surreal from the whole
as these passing moments
embellish and kinder my soul
I am eager to reach to
the other end of the shore

not a day not an hour
not a second is spared
the canvas holds in it
every color of life
like the meadows that
are lively and wild
painted vividly by
the hands of the unseen
a picture that reveals
the story that's -

Thursday, October 9, 2008

For You I'll Always Be here...

When the sun fails to rise and
the darkness continues to stare
Remember then, my dear,
For You I'll Always Be here...

When sleep evades you and
your dreams make you fear
Close your eyes and listen
you will hear my whispers clear

When you feel alone and
your eyes shed a tear
Look within you to find my warmth
and presence that shall seem so near

When the songs you love, halt
and do not play music in your ears
Unlock the doors of your heart to
Set the thoughts free for you to hear

When you think I am gone away
and wish for me here -
Remember one thing, my dear that
For You I'll Always Be here.

I lead Three Musketeers

I lead three musketeers...
Who run my!!
Their names are Swati, Sweta and Moumita
Known better as - Why and How and O! No...

They uncannily tend to lose out their way
And I got to reign their philandering sway
They have mastered the art of going astray
And I got to pull them on track, come what may!!

My three honest serving-babes -
Are different folks with different views?
Who always fret, fume an' shirk
At an hour's extra work

I push them each time they hesitate
I hit the red buzzer when they falter
But, I pat them after every successful work
Cheering with zest, hugs & laughter!!

They embark upon each day armed with zeal
A Master-Ash Blast and they skip their meal.
To resolve crisis of seemingly endless dearth
TOGETHER as a TEAM - move heaven, hell or earth!!

They toil diligently from ten-to-eight
Past days, hours, minutes and seconds
Through the breakfast, lunch and coffee-breaks,
Only after their content uploads, do they set to rest.

I lead three musketeers...
Who are the life and soul
Of my !!

To them, I take this time to say
"Thanks" for all that they do and have done,
And I hope that they know -I love & care for them more than anyone!!

P.S: Dedicated to my three musketeers - Swati, Sweta & Moumita

Monday, September 15, 2008

Cloud drift...

tired of the hard day that I left behind
I sat through my journey with a hazy mind
I wanted to drift away from the day-to-day grind
when my sights got arrested by the cloudy bind

echoing silence from the bluish white isle
a visual treat that few brushes could style
O! what a difference from the chaotic earth
translucent effervescence floating in mirth

sun setting beneath rushes of rain swept clouds
moon standing tall aside wavelets of river troughs
realm of universe in this cloud lined comb
relaxed like a child in a mothers womb

dancing and galloping and flying
drifting enroute and rejoining
sparkling in dusky glow so lustrous
singing a song in a tone so wondrous

creating a powerful melody

that strung in harmony
unparalleled on -
The Planet Earth

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Live LIFE...

The stars gaze at you from the benevolent sky
The trees watch you through their eyes, don't they??
The river keeps flowing all the while
and still is new from the start to the end,
yet it askance, why do you look at me?
is it to see a reflection of yonder
or to introspect or dwell??
A set of tomorrows are all lined up
Some bigger & clearer than the rest
who keep getting smaller farther away;
but they all seem to be echoing
Just ONE thought -
Behold… We See You, We are Coming!!

Stand Up. Be Bold. Be Strong.
Make your own future.

Take the responsibility on your shoulders
Know that you are the creator of your own destiny
Which is a matter of your choice and not chance!!
All the strength and succor you want -
Lies within yourself.

Caress every moment conscientiously
Live LIFE, it’s splendid, it’s beautiful!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I will always be here

If ever you need to talk,
Or, if ever you need some cheer,
Remember you have a friend in me -- who will always be here.

I am one who doesn't want a lot;
I only want to see you smile;
I want to see you happy n' cheerful all the while;
And for this I'll walk that proverbial mile.

For you know how much I care
and how much you mean to me -
So, no matter what you do
and how much we squabble,
You'll always find me there for you;
To give you the push when you are feeling blue.

There is a saying that goes:
"You don't have to show affection in words, because even through the silences - respect, love and affection gets heard."

So -
There may be times, when I may not express,
There may be times, when I'm sullen n quiet,
Do not misunderstand my silence then -
For know that I have retracted
To my shell due to circumstances uncontrolled,
Endeavoring to seek solace
In thinking back of the times that we've had -
The messages of our friendship and promises exchanged,
Through the healing words of comfort, hope and understanding shared.

Hear me out my dear F R I E N D whilst I am expressing this to you,
The feelings that I hold for you are genuine & true.
So -If ever you need to talk,
Or, if ever you need some cheer,
Remember you have a friend in me -- who will always be here.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I often wondered...

I often wondered why I felt my life incomplete -
Until I met you.

You stepped into my life like a ray of light,
For my world that was enveloped in darkness.

You took time to explain me the meaning of life,
You taught me ways to overcome strife,
You offered me your shoulder to rest on,
You became somebody I could depend upon.

I can never forget your sense of devotion,
Your relentless endeavors to set me back in motion,
You helped me smile when times where blue,
With you besides me. I knew I could sail through,

And, so today-
I would take this time, to let you know,
That you have influenced me in so may ways,
That it simply cannot be expressed through any says.
For all that you have done, I'm indebted to you,
For all that you endeavored, I'm grateful to you.

Be there for me ever my friend, for it is true,
That my life will never be the same without YOU.

I fall short of words to express my feelings for you,
I wish all the happiness in the world for you,
And, I pray LORD grant HIS deepest blessing to you.



Very few people know the real you,
I fall amongst those few.

Your beautiful eyes, your charming smile,
Keeps me guessing all the while;
Whether its really you or an angel in disguise,
Come to make this earth a paradise;
Be it morn, or be it night,
You seem to glow in ya radiant light.

For the times together that we have had,
We have shared some good times and some bad,
Some jokes, some fun, some smiles, some tears,
Our relation has strengthened over the year.

For miles to come and miles to go,
My love for you will grow more n' more,
You have carved a niche in my memory lane,
So, deep in my heart, you shall always remain.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stranger Somewhere, Nobody Nowhere!!

It feels so lonely within -
having none to share my emotions
and none to share my feelings!!

Life's never been a bed of roses,
it's been laden with thorns,

Fond memories to cherish forever,
have only become forlorn;
E'en the sound of music of Life -
seems to have lost out on its voice,
with so much gloom cast around,
there's just no reason to rejoice.

People of the world passed around
having walked right across my soul,
Taking in what they wanted from me -
being extra menacingly cold;
Oblivious of the hurt, they had
caused to this lonely heart,
Unknown of the pain undergone,
in the dark mysterious past.

Ebbing away off the power,
to overcome strife,
looking beyond the horizons
of this solitude Life;
Unfazed with the thought -
of embracing death,
I readied to tread myself
on the road of perdition.
Like a Stranger Somehwere...
a Nobody Nowhere!!


Traversing on a new path,
My good Lord!
I do not know -
whether I am right or wrong
With a silent prayer in heart,
I pray to you thy highness...
Grace me with kindness
and show me the LIGHT!!

Elm of LIFE

Life is a rigmarole
of smiles n' tears, jeers n' fears,
encompassed in an ocean
of emotions where -
there is no one to augur
of what's to come, but
the only truth obvious
is the inevitable death.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


There's fascination of things to come,
Can't stop now, can't go slow,
I am feeling a sense of freedom above,
I know this is where, I will find my true LOVE.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Be Merry!!

Here we are all by day, by night
hurled and ushered by dreams

Not to one but several worlds
So, Be merry!!
Drink & Laugh & Cry & Sigh

Dance with love,
the midnight through -
For tomorrow, we all shall DIE
But, alas we never do!!

Melodies of Life

Starting life on a melodious note
I know not when I missed a beat
Suddenly there was no rhythm
and the lilting music was gone
Away with it went my days
when I whiled away my time
Building castles in the air
and swinging in rhyme
Dwelling in my own world
which was full of Love
With a smooth road below me
and a lovely sky above

Suddenly life outgrew me
reasons that I could not see
Life could then never be swell
as nothing seemed to go awell
It's then here that I realized
That my life had lost its rhythm
& the melody in its voice.

Monday, June 30, 2008

What you mean to me...

Its difficult to imagine...
what Life would have been like
without you around to share,
to be with and to care about.

You make my world -
a brighter and happier place,
with laughter, love & tears
well entwined & interlaced.

Your presence in my life -
is something I deeply cherish,
and hold so close to my heart
for you seem to have
a mesmerising effect on me.

I look upon you as a blessing in disgiuse
bestowed on me from the heavenly abode
a harbringer of peace that I so much sought
an antidote to the cruel irony of fate
that destiny to me meted out.

I feel myself with you ...
The times we share are special to me,
And, I know I can always count on you.

On my own, I could never understand,
and enjoy the simple pleasures of life,
the way I do with you now,
and, I just want to tell you that -
Be there with me alwayz ...
For with you I live through
Life's each n' every moment
as you make them feel
so beautiful, colorful & precious.

Whenever I pause to give our relation a thought,
I am overwhelmed with the feeling that -
its one of the finest relationships in Life
that I have ever had, and, I would love to see -
the same sentiment reflecting in you.

P.S: Dedicated to my soulmate- Serah!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What if...

What if...
What if we could reach the sky?
Feel the warmth of the sun
Fly amongst the stars n' planets
Who seem so near and yet so far..

What if...
What if we could walk on sea?
Speak the language of the oceans
Sway against the wind with the trees
Hear the flowers whisper words
As they flutter their petals in the breeze..

What if...
What if we could rage a storm?
Bellow back our angry cry,
Flash the lightening smitten bolts
Strike the mighty world from the sky..

What if...
What if we could be the earth?
Be in oneness with the nature grandeur
Swing in harmony with every mother's song
Keep only goodness n' banish everything wrong .

What if...
What if we could fly away?
To horizons unknown, destinations anew
Blend with the sea, embrace the starry sky;
Oh, what if...we could fly?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Heart Cries...

There is so much pain that lies within my eyes,
but, alas, my eyes are dry.
I won't cry, for my eyes are dry,
No, I won't cry, for my eyes are dry...

The hope that once lived in my father's eyes has long been dead,
the heart that cared for everyone, to death has been bled.
when the cold wave that came knocking to take my father astride,
the anguished soul of this daughter unseemingly died inside.

In the depth of solitude, the moments of togetherness glazed,
the footprints left in the sand, will with time be erased,
there was so much to be done and so much to be said,
unfulfilled will they remain, for my dear father is dead.

In his cherished and vivid memories, my heart bleeds,
for he was made to travel alone with all his good deeds,
the love that once lied within, will never surface again,
for now all that has been left is pain, pain and pain.

Today, I feel the anger that burns within my gaze,
the cruelness of the incidents that has set my eyes ablaze,
the fear that in the darkness of the night closes my eyes,
the smile that I wear on my face is nothing but a disguise.

There is so much pain that lies within my eyes,
but, alas, my eyes are dry,
I won't cry for my eyes are dry,
No, I won't cry for my eyes are dry.

Friday, May 30, 2008


Having traversed on different paths
across the different altitudes of LIFE
when I look back, today -
I feel ... 
I was always wrong
O! Why was I not wise?
Why wasn't I strong?

I suffered through the forces 
of my muffled destiny
others always controlled my life
when I strived hardest
it was against my own shadow
and not the rest

I was not ME
I was split in two -
MYSELF, yet not ME !!

I found it impossible
in this realm
to get back to the
wholeness of my youth, my soul

I crossed the great ocean
and yet, I halted 
so close to the shore
when I found myself alone
stripped off all will 
and deplete of all energy
to take me to the other side

At this high tide of my life
with whatever of the real ME
having ebbed away
thoughts came flooding back to me
Into every opening 
of my mind's bay
reinstating time n' again
that I needed SOMEONE as a part of me
but this I think is something that just can't be!

This is ME.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


my mind's thinking back
to the days that we've shared
in the solace of our friendship
promises given, feelings cared
sheer ecstacy of living made so palpable
like the flutterings of a butterfly
all in our one relation so pure & rare.

Monday, April 21, 2008

If If your heart would listen ...

If If your heart would listen -
you'd know my body is dead,
my mind has been taken over,
that's why I am so scared,
I can't control it, anger is making me blind,
I've been left here on my own chained to a hate of some kind.

If If your heart would listen -
you'd know about my fears,
about all those nights I screamed for help,
about all my fallen tears;
You'd know about the demons haunting me at night,
O! how I wish you'd be able to help me keep my fire alight.

If If your heart would listen ...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I wish you nothing but the best,
With all your worries been put to rest,
May you live your life with full zest,
And, remain forever the happiest.

With wishes galore, I say no more,
But, pray you remain the merriest soul !!

Zendagi Migzara ...

I often go through such moments in my life -
where I turn and look into the face of life 
I try to view an image of what I think is me
and all I see is a damsel - 
with hope as her shield for the dark nights
armed with determination so fierce 
to survive the turbulences in life
and courage to stand for the right
focussed to reach her destination in sight
with beliefs that reflect her sense of pride

And then sudden lava like eruptions that jolt time and space
awaken me to look beyond the reflections of my image
they make me wear out the masks I had worn to hide the real me
to hide my pain, to silence myself when I so much wanted to scream

If forgetting my past was as easy as smiling, I would never cry
I would have moved on with my life and not pondered
over the question marks hanging over my head, nor
would there would I’ve this thought "Why am I alive, I wish I was dead."

If overcoming griefs was as easy as breathing, I would never fear
every rising sun would bring a smile on my face and not a tear
stringing together the broken pieces of my heart, I would look ahead
with all the tears gone, my eyes would’ve no longer looked lost and dead

Be it happiness or sadness, a tear has always been there in my eye
b'coz I still remember the day when shattering time left me high and dry
When I saw for the very first time, a mirage of joy, I just cried
When my dad left me alone, tears rolled out and I then died

Zendagi Migzara a.k.a Life Goes On, is what I am told...
In every human life
there are moments high and low
emotions from every corner, continue to grow
don’t lose heart and go away
to destinations unknown and paths astray
for Life Goes on ...
Is the only L E S S O N all the way.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Never Knew …

I never knew that I could meet one person who would make me feel so good and so complete,
I never knew that one person could mean so much to me and that one person could affect me so much,
I never knew that respect, friendship and affection could feel like this, a feeling so great that it rushes from the heart,
I never knew that I could care about someone the way I care about you,
I know, though, that all of these feelings are possible because of you.

To make me think about you all of the time and the moments we share -
I know that I have found a special F.R.I.E.N.D,
Someone… who can hold my soul in her hands.
I know that this state of mind is like no other -
A feeling so powerful that you would do anything for that person.

Thank you for helping me realize that all of these are possible.
Thank you for stepping into my life and making me know that there is someone like you.

P.S: Dedicated to dearest friend :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

A special FRIEND

He took the time to look inside
this heart as cold as stone
He found that there was something there
that no one else has ever known
He took the time to make me realize
his friendship so pure n' true
He stood with me thru' my trying times
chasing away my grays n' blues.

I'm now going to take this time
To say "Thanks" for all that he's done,
I hope that he knows that I adore him
And that our journey of friendship is the most cherished one...

P.S: Dedicated to my truest friend Ganoo...thanks for everything dude!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mein Aur Mere Servers...

mein aur mere servers
aksar yeh baatein karte hain;
tum chalte tho kaisa hota;
tum nahin ghirte to kaisa hota!!

mein araam se apni zindagi bitati;
kuch pal apno ke saath guzaarti;
kaash tum crash nahin hote;
kaash mujhe nights nahin maarne padte;
mein aur mere servers aksar yeh baatein karte hain;
tum chalte tho kaisa hota;
tum nahin ghirte to kaisa hota!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Time n' Life

The moving finger
sometimes does go back
not to rewrite for it can't
but to re-read

It comes across vague occurred incidences
which back then were deriguered as "right" 
but with the passage of time 
and in it’s whole form today
seem derisory or dismissive

Beguiled by life's contrariness -
of "If only" this or that
on such and such a time
had varied by a minute or a second
or something done undone 
and “perhaps” something undone done
this world would seem a different place
for "if-only's" and "perhaps" seem to be siblings
stated as "reasons" in our minds

For those who don’t know that 
Life is a rigmarole of smiles and tears
encompassed in an ocean of emotions
where -
there is no one to augur of what is to come
the only thing obvious
is the inevitable death

This is the ELM OF LIFE!

Monday, March 3, 2008

EVOLVE - Arched ccross the Sky !!

A corporate identity, a seed
borne in my imagination
The name - EVOLVE
christened n' partnered by thee
As it arched across the world's
lovely hazy gray-blue sky
On one end there sat you
And, at the other end sat I

EVOLVE bridged the connection
from my professional dreams to yours
Anchored by forces who were muted in solitude
by destiny, but when together basked in twilight
Riding high through the rainstorms
and, from the gray skies to the blue
Its become so evident over time now
that we have rebuilt like the Hue

Like a genuine smile upward bound
Its propelled to stretch like a bridge across
Sliding right over to the other side, thats
the other end of our coloured arch
With dreams akin a colorful rainbow
Reaching destinations unknown, horizons anew
That has no gate, no barrier, no door,
Connecting end to end, arching shore to shore.

P.S: Dedicated to Sandy

Saturday, March 1, 2008


When darkness like a cloud descends
And banishes away the light
When days are just memories of past
Shattering heart to smithereens
When heaviness engulfs your soul
Crushing it with object unknown
Find h o p e in knowing
Through it all, you are not alone.

Rest your mind and feel the air mellow
Close your eyes and block all the sorrow
Look within you for the strength you have inside
To do it all again- tomorrow, a start afresh.

And then feel it- inside you, feel it- around you
A gentle hand that shall wipe away your tears-
And hold you close to wash away your fears.

For- there's an angel, watching over you
And no matter what tomorrow brings
You'll always be wrapped under her angel wings.

Start Again...

I looked at world through glass,
Watching its people pass,
I thought nobody would touch me,
That I'm safe.

But the world blew cold, in the depths of my soul,
The deed was done, it was too late,
Menacingly ruthless souls walked through me,
Crushing past as if I am a nobody nowhere.

Where I never thought they would upset me,
I was too late as they hurt and made me cry.
I ran away from the world, to hide in the corners of my mind alone,
Thinking I could save my heart, but no I could'nt n' it bled.

Emotionally shattered, for the pain mattered,

I sought shelter in a room without windows
In the company of shadows that took me in
Silence brought strength n' I could stand once more

I decided - I will S T A R T A G A I N!!

Innocent dreams...

Innocent dreams, golden heart, rested on thy shattered past,
sensing the role of freedom above, freed thyself with unchained Love;
entered thy fantasies, which were mild,
drove out thy fears, which were wild,
revealed stories that were untold,
unfurled mysteries that were on-hold,
blessed with LOVE, serene seemed LIFE,
with newfound happiness there was no strife,
till… time played a cruel game ~
destroyed was the bliss n' love slained

Innocent dreams, golden heart, rested, again, on thy shattered past,
sensing that freedom was not above, freed thyself of the unchained Love.

DAD – I miss you …

Calls out my heart but I don’t hear from you anywhere!
Where have u gone Dad, leaving me alone,
Casting sorrows galore and fears unknown???

Every moment from that fateful day -
I wished I could unwind the time...
To save you from grasp of death and keep you amidst us alive,
To soothe away all your pain and fulfill all your wishes,
To drive away all your fears and give you lots of love,
To shower you with joy and embellish you in happiness,
To tell you how much I loved you and how much you meant to me,
And share with you my dreams for us and enjoy life's mysteries.

Daddy dearest, don't go away from me,
As the void you have left cannot be filled,
I need you to be there for me, to care for me, to protect me,
As alone I find it very difficult to surpass each day,
Stumbling on all the blocks that life has thrown in my way.

Calls out my heart but I don’t hear from you anywhere!
Where have u gone Dad, leaving me alone,
Casting sorrows galore and fears unknown???

Come back Dad, come back to our home...
For without you, life’s forlorn,
Come back Dad, come back to our home...
For without you, it's a place unknown.

I know today, that I cannot repay ever...
For all your efforts and all your worries,
And all your love and all your care,
O God ! Why didn’t you grant us an extra moment to spare…

Dad, I only wish today that...
If only once, you could forgive me for all the hurt that I caused to thee,
And let me share with you the concerns of my life,
I’m sure Dad, that there would have been lesser strife,
And we would have understood each other better & been more close in life.

Dad, my heart wants to reach out to you each day,
I know you are listening... and you are not away,
Dad, why-o-why am I witnessing such a day???
Where I can sense you around but not feel you in any way…

Come back Dad, come back to our lives...
To bless on the future of your son, daughter and wife,
Come back Dad, come back to our lives...
Without you, LIFE is just not LIFE.

Bereft of words, this is all I can say,
That with every passing moment,
I'm missing you more n’ more in every way!!

Wishing you were with me for ever…

Better W O R L D...

Inspirations drawn from the eternal attire,
Aspirations flying higher n' higher;
The path seemed aglow and destinations known,
Till reality shattered itself and smeared blood unknown.

Its here -
Then, it dawned ...

That only if -
Things that were manifested in the seen,
Had they been realised in the unseen;

The W O R L D -
Then would have been a better place,
For you n' for me n' the entire HUMAN RACE.

Life’s path connects to me …

Strange is life, stranger are its ways,
filled as much with mystery as much as thrill,
when the shores are silent, the waves leave the bay,
like moments that seem as much alive as much as still.

The sun comes up, it's time to face the day,
and I think that life shall today be all right-
and as the day wears on I dont let my nerves fray,
to the hollowness that creeps within me every night.

Having reached crossroads at life, I'm feeling weary,
after the toils of sweat that over years I have shed,
and I'm feeling like the skies too are cloudy and dreary,
like the emptiness within and the heart that has bled.

I know its time to look ahead on the outside,
time to tread life's journey on a new way -
I'm wonderin' whether I'll ever find the strength inside,
to do it all again without going astray.

I have to erase the memories of how it began
sift away the emotions from reality -
I wipe the mirror, dust on my hands,
the shadow clears, a new personality.

The wind blows a puff of scented fresh air,
I try to be tranquil, as much I can be,
it lifts my spirits up, out of that dreaded despair,
sensing freedom above, I steer my life free.

I look to the sky, a cloudless sway,
put a conch to my ear, a silent sea,
strange is life, stranger are its ways...
an empty path ahead, that connects to me.

P.S: This is my personal favorite :-)