Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chaos or Calm..??

Stepped in a media world...
where chaos is considered calm
n' buck passes are the norm,
where sanity is not to be sought,
n' integral values remain a naught,
where reality checks fail to exist,
n' abstainities is what the new have to seek,
where a range of emotions keep bursting forth
for no rhyme or reason, making you feel soaked,
warring ego's n' emotions here seem the daily grind
grounds to hold the battle is what one has to find.

I try keep intact apart while they attack,
pretending to be strong when I'm yielding inside,

Defenseless, yes...
I need my own shield, if I have to sustain,
to do a real clean sweep n' set it in place,
I thought I had few souls to rely on,
but in no frigging time, they all let me down.

I cannot align with this fetid realm,
there is so much conflict going on in my mind,
should I leave this world n' start anew,
deep within, I don't want to give up so soon..!!

If chaos is outside, would calmness be within?
Will I be able to set order in this world that is sinned?
I know it ain't easy, for this is a world of bucksin,
but, I will put in my heart out in cent percent,
before I force myself to rethink n' call it THE END.