Monday, February 27, 2012

Beauty of a Woman

She walks elegantly with poise n' grace
the aura around her is austere n' chaste
her beauty isn't in her cosmetic laden face
or her attire with accessories in place!

Her beauty lies in her soft tender eyes
her thoughts in mind so eloquent n' wise
which when she expresses, soothe every mind
precious souls like her are hard to find!

When you are engulfed in the dark night
n' withdraw fearing being the ravens delight
her mere benevolent presence ushers in light
transforming the dark to the glowing bright!

As she caringly connects every human around
softly, serenely with joy, woven in abound
she is an embodiment of true pristine love
she is truly a blessing, a gift from above!

Woman - You're LIFE..!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I love to stay the way I am..!!

If I am the traditional conservative woman,
I am the cynosure of all social eyes;
If I live within the dogma's of this world,
I am the most sought after ideal woman;
If I abstain from all form of indulgences,
I am the one who's had the right upbringing;
But, I say ~
To hell with all these mediocre boundaries
that prevent me from being the one "I AM"!!

When I call a spade a spade in my talks
they call me an arrogant ruthless soul
when in truth it is they who cannot
deal with reality and face it as it is!!

When I live my life on my own rules n' terms
they say she abstains from the social norms
when in truth it is they who're hooked onto
the subservient n' refuse to move on in life!!

I am not one to justify myself
to strangers n' close ones akin;
I love to stay the way I am
and, I do not care a damn..!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

As you travel through Life…

As you travel through life ~
you'll realise you're alone
with travelers in your life
who'll keep coming n' going
stop not at any crossroad
for the journey is intriguing
you might pause though, to ponder
when you've to take the hard decisions
where the solutions seem non-existent
but, stay rest assured that a new dawn
always awaits you, to help you move on
with a calm mind choose your path, and
set afoot thru' all the vagaries of life
succumb not to the ups n' downs you face
they are a part of life's journey
withdraw if you choose to, but
only to continue with renewed strength
the mysteries of nature are invigorating
and time is the quintessential master
who'll teach you what you've to learn,
unlearn n' relearn, and guide you
to evoke a deeper conscience within you
to be able to imbue the nuances of life
for that is the only way to surge ahead
to a world of your dreams, your goals
and, when you finally reach your destination
there'll be moments of exhilaration n' bliss
with a sense of accomplishment n' pride
never mind what prices you'd to pay enroute
the journey will always be a worthwhile one
and, you'll have with you a story of your own!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Midnight Sun

It may be night; it may be dark,
it doesn't make any difference
for there is the midnight sun ~
spreading it's light n' glare
in the sky, in its signature style
a natural phenomena of the universe
in the polar region n' around
that unifies the day n' night
even when the day is gone
illustrating yet another wonder
of this mystical marvellous nature..!!

In the dark confines of our lives
we feel lost n' seek light;
why then do we abhor n' feel unnerved
by not understanding the Spirit's motive
in creating for us, a bright midnight sun
to unveil the hidden secrets of our lives
driving away the darkness for a brief period,
for us to behold this peaceful treasure
that we sought all along but never realize
when it is given unto us in our sojourn
in the land of the Midnight Sun..!!