Sunday, February 5, 2012

Midnight Sun

It may be night; it may be dark,
it doesn't make any difference
for there is the midnight sun ~
spreading it's light n' glare
in the sky, in its signature style
a natural phenomena of the universe
in the polar region n' around
that unifies the day n' night
even when the day is gone
illustrating yet another wonder
of this mystical marvellous nature..!!

In the dark confines of our lives
we feel lost n' seek light;
why then do we abhor n' feel unnerved
by not understanding the Spirit's motive
in creating for us, a bright midnight sun
to unveil the hidden secrets of our lives
driving away the darkness for a brief period,
for us to behold this peaceful treasure
that we sought all along but never realize
when it is given unto us in our sojourn
in the land of the Midnight Sun..!!

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