Monday, June 30, 2008

What you mean to me...

Its difficult to imagine...
what Life would have been like
without you around to share,
to be with and to care about.

You make my world -
a brighter and happier place,
with laughter, love & tears
well entwined & interlaced.

Your presence in my life -
is something I deeply cherish,
and hold so close to my heart
for you seem to have
a mesmerising effect on me.

I look upon you as a blessing in disgiuse
bestowed on me from the heavenly abode
a harbringer of peace that I so much sought
an antidote to the cruel irony of fate
that destiny to me meted out.

I feel myself with you ...
The times we share are special to me,
And, I know I can always count on you.

On my own, I could never understand,
and enjoy the simple pleasures of life,
the way I do with you now,
and, I just want to tell you that -
Be there with me alwayz ...
For with you I live through
Life's each n' every moment
as you make them feel
so beautiful, colorful & precious.

Whenever I pause to give our relation a thought,
I am overwhelmed with the feeling that -
its one of the finest relationships in Life
that I have ever had, and, I would love to see -
the same sentiment reflecting in you.

P.S: Dedicated to my soulmate- Serah!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What if...

What if...
What if we could reach the sky?
Feel the warmth of the sun
Fly amongst the stars n' planets
Who seem so near and yet so far..

What if...
What if we could walk on sea?
Speak the language of the oceans
Sway against the wind with the trees
Hear the flowers whisper words
As they flutter their petals in the breeze..

What if...
What if we could rage a storm?
Bellow back our angry cry,
Flash the lightening smitten bolts
Strike the mighty world from the sky..

What if...
What if we could be the earth?
Be in oneness with the nature grandeur
Swing in harmony with every mother's song
Keep only goodness n' banish everything wrong .

What if...
What if we could fly away?
To horizons unknown, destinations anew
Blend with the sea, embrace the starry sky;
Oh, what if...we could fly?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Heart Cries...

There is so much pain that lies within my eyes,
but, alas, my eyes are dry.
I won't cry, for my eyes are dry,
No, I won't cry, for my eyes are dry...

The hope that once lived in my father's eyes has long been dead,
the heart that cared for everyone, to death has been bled.
when the cold wave that came knocking to take my father astride,
the anguished soul of this daughter unseemingly died inside.

In the depth of solitude, the moments of togetherness glazed,
the footprints left in the sand, will with time be erased,
there was so much to be done and so much to be said,
unfulfilled will they remain, for my dear father is dead.

In his cherished and vivid memories, my heart bleeds,
for he was made to travel alone with all his good deeds,
the love that once lied within, will never surface again,
for now all that has been left is pain, pain and pain.

Today, I feel the anger that burns within my gaze,
the cruelness of the incidents that has set my eyes ablaze,
the fear that in the darkness of the night closes my eyes,
the smile that I wear on my face is nothing but a disguise.

There is so much pain that lies within my eyes,
but, alas, my eyes are dry,
I won't cry for my eyes are dry,
No, I won't cry for my eyes are dry.