Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mists of Change

The doctrines of life appalled her beliefs
people mentalities flabbergasted her mind
she was inundated by the absurd realities
overwhelmed, she almost conceded defeat
but it was her soul that refused to give-in
even when she was engulfed with uncertainty
and urged her to keep walking on n' on
she stopped only when she was amidst the mists
and felt the gusty winds guide her in a direction
that would change her life forever..!! 

The mists forced her to relook at her life, and
she did so diligently with an unbiased mind
as the mists paved way for evidential clarity
she saw the glowing colors of the meadows
the dainty hues n' crimson that adorned the sky
she felt enamoured with the dawn, dusk n' twilight
that unleashed their magic with all their prowess
no matter what the seasons of nature were
she saw the brook that rushed into the river
and the river that merged into the sea
demonstrating to her how one's past seamlessly
becomes the present and the present, future
when one knows on which path you're headed
the blooming spirit of life resurged within her  
with renewed vim n' vigor giving her soul
a feisty sense of freedom that refused to be caged
with the trials of life; at last she felt grounded
brave n' courageous enough to decide to live
her life on her terms n' not the other way around..!!

It took the mists of change to rekindle life in her
and give her a purpose for living n' moving on
setting the trapped woman within her free
she, now, knew exactly what she had to do,
to enrich n’ live the rest of her life with love
wisdom, intellect n' grace like never before..!!