Sunday, January 29, 2012

This too shall pass..!!

Today, no matter how heavy her heart is
wavering n' shattering to smithereens within
she tries her best to hold herself together,
even if she has to put on a binding layer!

With her world crashing on her on the outside
forcing her to walk the dangerous thin line
she tries to remain as resilient as she can be
clinging to hope n' preserving her integrity!

In this very turbulent phase of her life
when its exacting to endure her living present
she strives hard to fight back the dark nights
no matter how cold n' bleak the outcome seems!

It's the belief that she keeps reinstating
within her that what she is doing is true
with faith that everything will fade away
gradually n' her life will be alright very soon!

At this very crossroad of her life ~
if she is able to take the decision she has to
in the midst of the realm that she's in
she will embark on the path that she's got to!

She just has to keep moving on n' on, holding
together the whole of her unified as ONE
knowing that the darkness shall pave way to light
and, that "This too shall pass away..!!".


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