Sunday, June 10, 2012

Emerging Stronger

I am emerging from a black hole
that's almost consumed me whole
it's been a painful journey for me
I am uncertain of what's in the anvil
let alone know how will I tackle it!

Being a compassionate benevolent

I let the happenings around me
destroy me little by little, over time
and eventually cut me to the core
without letting the other's know
of all the affliction I was going thru'
that broke my heart n' shattered my mind
the ordeal and the emotional mayhem
devastated me further, letting me sink in
deeper till I held on just in time, and
paused long enough to stop my free fall!

I have to end these depths of despair, and

the problems in my life must be absolved
for I don't want to feel this pain ever again
that has power enough to erode my soul
I need to emerge into a new life, now
with renewed fortitude n' vigour
akin to the mighty phoenix, and
stamp out all the negativities in flames
and take flight to my real realm
stronger than ever before, and
I alone can do it for its MY LIFE
and I need to get a handle on it!

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